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10 Best WordPress Plugins for Creating Comparison and Pricing Tables

Comparison tables are a great way to help your readers choose the right product for them.

They can decide between two or more products. Or maybe they’re deciding what type of service to buy from you. No matter what the situation, a visual comparison is a great way to motivate them to make a purchase.

Unfortunately, as effective as they are, there really isn’t a good way to create a comparison or pricing table in WordPress with the WordPress editor.

If you want to waste a lot of time you can create a table yourself using HTML. Or, you can simply turn to a plugin to create good-looking tables for you.

And guess what?

You’re in luck ’cause I’m gonna list it best wordpress comparison table pluginSand Best Pricing Table WordPress Plugins. I will cover both premium and free options so that you can find a plugin no matter what your budget.

Best Comparison Table and Pricing Table WordPress Plugins


AAWP is a powerful Amazon Affiliate plugin for creating comparison tables of Amazon products. This plugin can automatically fetch data fields from Amazon website or you can add data manually.

Tables are also generated automatically with conversion oriented click to action buttons.

View AAWP Plugin

2. Arena Product Store

arena-products store

Arena Products Store is a bit more full-featured than the other plugins on this list. Its purpose is to create an entire store, rather than just comparison tables. But the plugin also includes a nice comparison table feature, so I’ve included it here.

You can set up common product attributes and then choose which of them to include in your comparison table. You can also publish your own comparison tables or provide users with a . You can allow us to create our own comparison table by clicking on “Compare” switch.


If you just want a lightweight comparison table plugin, there is Arena Products Store probably not This is for you. But if you’re looking for a full-featured way to showcase and compare your products, check out this plugin.

The Arena Products store costs $36 at Code Canyon.

View Arena Product Stores

3. WP Pricing Builder


wpPricing Builder is another premium plugin that is (primarily) focused on building pricing tables. It comes with over 25 pre-made templates to get you started.

The interface of the plugin lets you easily set up product attributes, columns, and styles. And the color theme generator helps you create great looking tables even if you’re not a designer. The plugin also includes Font Awesome icons to complete this great set of features.

Here is a video demo of this mildly popular WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables plugin.

The cost of wpPricing Builder at Code Canyon is $18.

WP View Pricing Builder

4. WP Compare


WP Compare is a powerful premium plugin that lets you create both vertical and horizontal comparison tables.

One thing that sets this plugin apart from the rest is its ability to create both static and interactive drag and drop comparisons. Visitors can choose which products they want to compare Dragging each product on the table.

Aside from that great feature, WP CompEAR also lets you sort or static your tables, change the width of each column, duplicate tables, and create unlimited tables with unlimited comparison criteria.


If you need to compare products, WP CompEAR is one of the most unique and feature-rich plugins on this list. This plugin is also compatible with EasyAzon which is the most popular Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin.

It’s also quite affordable – a site license is $15, and you can get unlimited licenses for just $25.

View WP Compare

5. Tablepress


With over 400,000 active installs and an impressive 5-star rating, TablePress is one of the most popular free comparison table plugins out there.

While not specific to comparison tables, TablePress lets you create all kinds of tables and insert them into posts or pages via shortcodes. You can edit your tables in a spreadsheet-like interface, so you don’t have to worry about knowing how to code.

In addition to those key features, TablePress also includes these helpful options:

  • Add pagination, sorting, and more.
  • Import/export tables to Excel or .csv.
  • Contains any data type (even formulas).
  • Premium add-ons enable responsive design, detailed filtering, and more.

View TablePress

6. Table Maker

table maker wordpress plugin

The table maker isn’t quite as popular as the tablepress yet, but it’s quickly gaining ground. It lets you create different types of tables than specific tables.

All tables created by Table Maker are responsive, so they’ll look great on any device. And the plugin lets you emphasize certain rows or columns to capture the attention of readers (see example above). It can help you push readers towards your favorite products/services.

Table Maker also works with shortcodes and makes it easy to upload and insert images into your tables.

View Table Maker

7. Pricing


Go Pricing is a premium plugin for creating beautiful comparison tables. While it shines with pricing tables, you can use Go Pricing to create any kind of comparison table.

Go Pricing includes 250+ table templates to help you get started without a hitch.


This plugin also includes features such as:

  • Column animation.
  • Font Awesome icon integration.
  • responsive design.
  • Shortcodes to easily add tables anywhere.

CodeCanyon has Go pricing at $25, and has 7,400 sales with a 4.6-star rating.

View Go Pricing

8. YITH WooCommerce Compare


If you need comparison tables for your WooCommerce store, you’ll love this free plugin.

YITH WooCommerce Compare allows users to create comparison tables based on the specific product attributes you select. Users just need to click one “Compare” button on the product page to see how the product stacks up against others.

You can customize the design of the comparison tables, although you’ll need to know some code to accomplish this, as it’s not easily done from the interface of YITH WooCommerce Compare.

YITH Check WooCommerce Compare

9. Pricing Table by Suppsistic


Pricing Table by Suppsistic is a well-made, free plugin that lets you create both pricing and comparison tables.

The plugin includes a drag and drop builder that lets you create tables without knowing any code. You can use an infinite number of columns/rows, and add tooltips wherever necessary.

You can style buttons, text, and custom CSS to make sure your tables look right. And you can also include videos or images in your pricing tables. The ability to include images also makes it possible to create detailed comparison tables.

No matter how you build your tables, they will always be responsive so you don’t miss out on mobile traffic.

View Pricing Table by Suppsistic

10. Easy Pricing Tables

easy pricing-table-plugin

Easy Pricing Tables is a freemium WordPress plugin that lets you create responsive pricing and comparison tables.

In the free version of the plugin, you can:

  • Create tables easily without knowing any code.
  • Customize font, color and border.
  • Create unlimited rows.
  • Reorder columns via a simple drag and drop function.
  • Display your recommended pricing column.
  • Add custom CSS (if needed).

The free version is more than powerful enough for most users, but if you upgrade to the premium version, you’ll also get access to the following features:

  • 10 pre-made templates.
  • Even more customization options.
  • Tooltips when users hover over pricing options.

The premium version costs $29 for a single site and $99 for unlimited sites.

View Easy Pricing Tables

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

If you are looking for the most feature-rich comparison plugin, I think AAWP or Arena Product Store is your best option. If you want to create beautiful tables fast, you can go with Go pricing for its 250+ templates.

And if you want a free alternative, I think Easy Pricing Tables or Pricing Table by Suppsistic are your best bets.

However, these are just general recommendations. Your specific situation may require one of the other plugins.

Let me know which comparison plugin you are using on your website. Have you used any on this list?

Share your experience in the comments below!

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