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10 free designers can use to impress and retain clients and earn more money

A designer always needs two things – more money and more resources.

Well, we can’t help (directly) with the money portion, we can see your need for extraordinary resources, from which (hopefully) the money will flow.

Check out our list of 10 popular and versatile themes and plugins, and let us know which one you like best.

BigWave – One Page Free Business WordPress Theme

One-page websites are well on their way to becoming the next big thing, just look at how many business-focused websites are clearly switching to this option. And there’s a reason why old school layouts with scattered texts, images, and CTAs are falling out of vogue, not only are they blah but they’re not as smooth and intuitive as a one-page design.

And it is not only business or content related websites that make the switch, but there are other niches as well. So if you start stocking up on them now it will save you searching for a good theme when you need it.

And one such theme is BigWave which enhances the aesthetics, packed with features like multiple portfolio shots and multiple categories, but it also made surfing (see what we did there?) websites a fun experience.

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2. Blog WordPress Theme

If your customers primarily use your WordPress pages for blogging or content marketing, this is a topic you should suggest them to consider. They can produce great content by the hour, but until the spotlight falls on them, it’s useless.

Advertising is a great way to do this – not only on recently published pieces but also on previously uploaded pieces – by choosing a theme like Sentio. With the maximum display of content and an attractive interface, this theme has already been downloaded thousands of times.

A responsive theme that would also be perfect for showcasing your own portfolio, Sentoio is a relevant theme for everyone who hopes to earn a gig through maximum portfolio visibility.

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A free WordPress theme from CyberChimps

3. Responsive and Liquid WordPress Theme

Cyber ​​Chimps is a well-known name among designers and SEO folks, so when they come out with a theme, it’s bound to be a hit. And it’s a hit, with 1.5 million downloads, this theme is effortlessly sophisticated.

The eponymous responsive theme is a powerhouse of features – from being SEO friendly and WooCommerce compatible to complete CMS controls – and is also customizable as per the website objectives.

No need to go deep into coding as its fluid and stackable grid system does all the major coding tasks for you, so you save time and effort while creating a better sleek and professional looking website.

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home remodeling

4. Home Remodeling WordPress Theme

Our another theme which is not only surprisingly loved by a lot of designers but also downloaded in good numbers. Perhaps it is its distinctive design that makes the home remodeling theme a clear winner in its niche.

You may not have had a flood of requests to design a home remodeling website, but don’t think that you may never be approached for one. Although it is unique, it is gaining a lot of popularity with the complementary boost it receives from the growing real estate landscape.

The theme can also be worked into a website centered around an internal or external designing business, and boasts a range of deluxe features such as a gridded portfolio section, built in AJAX/PHP forms, various skin Color options and more.

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photo lab

5. Artistic WordPress Theme

Bill Gates got a lot of things right, one of them – and a credibility to which he is not usually attributed – is declaring that “content is king”. It certainly is, whether you are sharing content to become an authority in your industry, sharing your views or as a part of your content marketing objectives, the power of content cannot be overstated. .

And when you need to push out important stuff, you need to do so by muting the voice in the background or at least tuning in with soothing white noise. In that case, the website theme should not dominate your content. Whether it’s a portfolio platform you want to build for a client or just a blogger’s page with lots of relative and subjective content, PhotoLab is the right person for the job.

While maintaining its hold in terms of design and functionality, it provides a perfect platform for your content to shine. And its flat layout makes sure you tune it for every project, thus giving an overall personalized feel.

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free wordpress countdown timer plugin

6. Countdown Timer Plugin

Most of the websites that claim to value their readers keep them in the dark. You might think that I am going to put my website on hold temporarily and then come back better than ever. And I should definitely send a mail to keep my readers informed. Nice move, but what if they ignore your mail (80% chance of this happening), and then they key in the URL of your site and are presented with a 404.

So what? Is the website down, is it gone forever, will they come back, why leave them in the dark? Traffic is important, and even if you are not an SEO guy, you should know that it can make or break a website. So the next time a customer asks you to improve a website, suggest setting up a countdown timer, not only will you become just a designer to them – they’ll see you as someone who cares about their work. does—but it will strengthen your position as someone who knows their worth.

And the Countdown Timer plugin comes in handy whenever you need to announce a sale or the end of one, or if you need to count down to an event.

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wordpress newsletter plugin- lite

7. Newsletter Plugin-Lite

A lot of web masters have included email marketing as an important content marketing strategy, but many of them are not reaping the expected benefits from it. To start, you need to organize your list of customers into different categories—whether they’re a hot prospect, someone who just subscribed, an existing customer, an angry customer—then on creating the perfect e-mail to you. Have to work, then post to integrate into how many e-mails?

It’s a lot of work, instead of hiring someone to do it, just install the newsletter plugin that will make your e-mail marketing campaigns so much easier and better.

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WP-DaVinci Premium WordPress Theme

8. Premium WordPress Theme

Want to emulate Dan Brown and whip up your own literary bestseller, even if it’s only one post at a time? DaVinci theme would be suitable for any blog or magazine-based website.

The uncluttered and extraordinary layout with the right background color will make your post stand out. Attract the right traffic and be found in search engine result pages with in-built SEO features or simply use the custom setting option to personalize it as you deem fit.

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slideshow gallery plugin for wordpress

9. Slideshow Gallery Plugin

Is your portfolio on WordPress? Then take advantage of this plugin to make your portfolio unique. From stunning images to video thumbnails, use your work to impress potential customers who visit your site.

Create beautiful slideshares with tons of configuration settings, wow them, and get more work done!

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Which is your favorite freebie on the list?

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