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3 Ways to Clone a Website

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In this article, I will show you three ways to clone a WordPress website.

Cloning an existing website is the process of duplicating the content and format of posts and pages and applying them to another site. This can come in handy for many different reasons, some of which we will discuss in this post.

Then we will look at the tools and services that will help you clone your website and create a theme automatically or manually.

There are a few different ways to clone an existing website. Each comes with different costs and difficulties.

Read on to find out the best option for you!

Option 1: Clone any website for staging purposes, domain changes, or migrations

If you are thinking of migrating your existing website to another host or domain, you can consider cloning.

The initial step in doing this is first and foremost backup your current site. It is extremely important that you do not skip this step, just in case anything gets out of your control while you perform the migration.

Once you complete your backup, you can go ahead and duplicate, or clone, your current website and transfer it to your new site with ease.

This process will also come in handy for staging purposes. Let’s say you are developing a site in a local environment and want to move it to a live server. The opposite is also true. You may want to clone an existing website to a local server for testing and development.

This is where the Duplicator plugin comes in. This plugin will help to backup, migrate, copy, move or clone a site from one place to another. What’s great is that it is so easy to use that it is suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

Duplicator creates a package that bundles all of the site’s plugins, themes, content, database, and WordPress files into a simple zip file called a package. This package can be used to easily migrate WordPress site to any place you want.

You can move your site on the same server, across servers, and anywhere a WordPress site can be hosted. keep in mind that WordPress is not required for installation Since the package contains all the files in the site itself.

Duplicator comes in a free version that you can find on the WordPress plugin repository. Alternatively, you can upgrade to Pro starting at $69.

Option 2: Clone any web design to a WordPress theme

There are many reasons to clone a web design and convert it into a WordPress theme. Let’s take a look at some:

  1. You have built a website using a specialized page builder and want to convert it into a WordPress block editor.
  2. Maybe you have built your basic website using a CMS platform like Squarespace or Wix, and want to finally move your site to WordPress.

If you are in any of these situations, you may feel like you are stuck in your original decision. To overcome this pain point, we have found Nelio Unlocker.

This plugin lets you input any post, page or URL and turns it into a WordPress block editor (aka Gutenberg). The original website does not even have to be a WordPress website. Nelio Unlocker converts any existing page on your website to a block-compatible format.

The generated page will have the content and layout of the original. While it won’t be 100% accurate, it will certainly be closer to 95%. Then all you have to do is tweak the remaining 5%!

We actually tested it for ourselves and documented the entire process in our Nelio Unlocker review.

Site generated using Nelio Unlocker
Site generated using Nelio Unlocker

This plugin uses pay-as-you-go pricing. The price will depend on the number of pages you want to convert and is currently priced at $3 per page.

Option 3. Clone any website from scratch

If your site is complex or you have very specific requirements, hiring a freelancer is a good route to go. Our top recommendation would be Codable.

Here you will find thousands of freelance designers at various price points. However, expect to spend a lot of time choosing and talking to your designer, before hiring someone for the job.

Alternatively, you can create a theme yourself. It might sound like a daunting proposition but creating a complete theme with customized features is easier than you think.

This is because you can use the native WordPress block editor, toolset, page builders like Elementor or Beaver Builder.



With the toolset, you Can make up all the features an advanced theme would need Custom post types, dynamic image gallery and sliders, forms and search.

WP Meyer readers can get a special 20% off when purchasing the toolset.

You can create themes for a variety of websites, including directory, membership and e-commerce sites.

Try Toolset

We’ve teamed up with the team behind Toolset, the page builder that lets you build WordPress sites without coding, to get you an exclusive 20% off.

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Elementor is one of the best page builders out there right now. With its easy-to-use interface, anyone can now create and design a website, regardless of their coding knowledge. With its shallow learning curve, you should be able to have your site up and running in no time.

If you want to take your designing process even further, Elementor offers pre-designed templates in both free and pro versions!

We personally used Elementor to build this website!

beaver builder

Creating a website using Beaver Builder can help streamline your design process. With no coding required, Beaver Builder lets you choose from pre-built templates and modules that you can use anywhere on your website.

We have created a tutorial to show you how to create a WordPress landing page using Beaver Builder.

If you’re still not sure which one works best for you, check out our article comparing Elementor and Beaver Builder.

The best thing about page builders is that you don’t need to use any PHP to design your website. What once took days of coding can now be done in hours.


In this article, we have seen how to clone a website for three different purposes. Duplicating a website is not difficult at all, provided you have the right plugins.

Keep in mind that it is illegal to copy someone else’s WordPress site unless you have express written permission.

If you are cloning your website for staging purposes, domain changes, or migration from one host to another, consider using a duplicator.

On the other hand, Nelio Unlocker is a surefire way to migrate your existing website to the WordPress block editor. It does require a little more work on your part to perfect the look and format but it gives you a very solid foundation to work with.

If you have complex requirements, you may need to invest some more time and money hiring a freelancer to build something custom. Alternatively, try it yourself using a page builder like Toolset, Elementor, or Beaver Builder.

Should you just want to use the pre-built themes, there are tons of options for that. Run a quick search on WP Mayer for the type of theme you’re looking for, and I’m sure you’ll find something for your needs.

If you are at that stage and you are also looking for high performing web hosting with an expert support team, We recommend working with WP Engine. We have worked with them for many years hosting new sites and relocating existing sites, and they have always been a reliable partner.

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If you are limited by budget, the option we recommend is Bluehost – another top host with more affordable pricing.

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