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5 Best Custom Post Type WordPress Plugins

When we talk about a website, the content is important. WordPress offers a variety of built-in content. And if you want a simple blog or website then these content types are the right choice for you. But if you want to create a truly customized look for your site then you need to dig more into WordPress. right here Custom Post-Type WordPress Plugins It will be of great help to you in building a complex website.

What is Custom Post Type?

custom post type There are content types such as posts and pages that can be customized to your liking. With the change of time, WordPress has evolved from a simple blogging platform to a complete content management system. Custom Post Types allows you to create any type of content type you like, turning your WordPress into a local business directory, eCommerce store, event listing site or anything you want.

By default, WordPress comes with multiple post types. They:

Post: This part is used by blogs to submit content and create feeds. Posts in the blog are displayed in reverse sequential order by time.

Pages: A page is like a post. The difference is that it stays outside the normal time-based structure of positions. Pages can be arranged in a hierarchical structure where pages are the parent of other pages.

escrow: It is a post type that holds information about files uploaded through the media upload system. And for images, it also links to metadata information about the size of the images, the thumbnails generated from the images, and information derived from EXIF ​​data embedded in the images.

Amendment: This post type is used for draft post as well as any previous revision of post or page. These are similar to the main post/page they are for, but have that post/page as their parent.

New Menu: This navigation menu holds information about a single item in the system. This is the first example of entries in the Posts table being used for something.

Here, I have chosen some of these Best Custom Post-Type WordPress Plugins For you. So, let’s check the list, shall we?

Custom Post Type UI One of the best custom post type WordPress plugins that provides an easy-to-use interface. It lets you register and manage custom post types and taxonomies for your site. This plugin is very helpful in solving the problem of creating custom post types where displaying the data derived from them can be a really new challenge. It’s really easy to import and export your custom post types if you need to.

This plugin comes with many free useful features and options. It is a user-friendly plugin that any new user can easily understand. There are many post types which are very simple to use yet powerful plugin. The plugin has a very intuitive and detailed UI which is easy to use and it supports various available post editor features.

major features:

  • Robust Admin UI for Management
  • Allows to transfer settings between sites
  • Post types can be assigned with advanced labeling tags
  • Easy configuration of custom taxonomies and custom post types
  • Post types can be combined with both built-in and custom taxonomies



pod There is a custom post type plugin for WordPress which is very helpful for the users to manage all the custom content they need in one place even with extreme complications. You can easily create content types, including custom post types, custom taxonomies, and advanced content types, using custom tables. It is more useful for experienced developers where you will need PHP knowledge to use it.

Custom content can be easily displayed using shortcodes and widgets. It lets you design templates, lists, and collections that make your custom post types more attractive to visitors. And, you can easily add different pod templates that are perfect for decorating the content types on your page.

major features:

  • custom settings page
  • advanced content types
  • intuitive user interface
  • Front-end sorting control
  • Add custom field to custom taxonomy


meta box

meta box is a powerful and lightweight WordPress plugin that is perfect for creating unlimited custom meta boxes and WordPress custom fields. This plugin lets you add custom fields and descriptions to your site like posts, forms, pages. And, anywhere you want to use 40+ different types of fields such as picture, file upload, text, checkbox, and more. It is compatible with multilingual plugins and supports major themes and plugins.

This plugin supports custom field types for a WooCommerce product in an eCommerce website. There are many free and premium extensions available that will help add advanced capabilities. It comes with detailed documentation which helps you to use this plugin easily and nicely.

major features:

  • Wide range of field types and options
  • 40+ Built-in WordPress Custom Field Types
  • Compatible with WPML Multilingual Plugin
  • Supports cloning fields for most field types
  • Create Any Kind of Metadata or Custom Fields in WordPress


post type builder

post type builder is an all-in-one WordPress plugin that allows you to create custom post types, custom taxonomies, and post-type templates. This plugin lets you create any post type without using any code. You can easily do everything seamlessly with the drag and drop interface provided by the WordPress admin backend.

You can enable regular features like title, description, categories, tags, featured image, excerpt, etc. for custom post types. It comes with a feature meta box builder that allows you to create fully customizable meta boxes for your custom post type. And, you can display custom post types at any place using dedicated shortcode.

major features:

  • Support and Updates
  • WPML Integration
  • shortcodes generator
  • templates maker
  • meta box builder


Toolset Type WordPress Plugin

Toolset Type The toolset is part of a suite of plugins that let you build sites. You can build sites that are based on custom post types as well as custom fields and taxonomies where programming is not required. Plus, it allows you to create listing sites, directories, membership sites, and shops. With this plugin, you can design how your custom content looks directly from the WordPress admin.

This plugin comes with a front-end posting feature that allows you to easily display custom content on the front-end. And it also includes built-in input validation. When someone fills out a field, this feature lets you see an alert if the text is incorrect or incomplete. It comes with a lot of functionality that speeds up the development of Chakra.

major features:

  • WooCommerce Elements
  • form payment
  • post relationship
  • conditional output
  • pagination and access control


wrapping up

So, that is the end of this blog on Custom Post Type WordPress Plugins. I think you have the best plugin which is ideal for your business for your website development.

If you have any suggestion or question then feel free to comment us below.

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