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5 Best WooCommerce Restaurant Plugins for Online Ordering

Tired of takeout apps?

Sure, delivery apps make it easy for you to collect orders online, but they also cost you.

If you ask customers to order directly from your site, you can Make your sales without paying app fees. This is more revenue in your pocket.

Of course, if you want customers to use your site, your ordering system needs to work side-by-side with the apps.

With the plugins listed here, this is not a problem.

WooCommerce Restaurant Plugins

In this collection, you’ll find a variety of WooCommerce plugins that let you:

  • Add your restaurant menu to your site
  • Accept takeout and pick-up orders
  • Make ordering easy on mobile devices

Your customers will browse a beautiful, one-page menu that works like Grubhub and DoorDash (even on mobile devices). You can add food choices like spice levels and toppings, create printable invoices, collect additional tips, and more.

Here are my top picks for the best WooCommerce food delivery plugins.

  • 1. Restaurant Ordering

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    Restaurant Ordering is the perfect WooCommerce plugin for letting your customers order food from your restaurant online. It has everything you need in a neat, easy-to-use package and works just like any modern food ordering app like Grubhub.

    With Restaurant Ordering, you can design your restaurant’s menu with a simple drag and drop system. You can display a photograph, price, title and brief description of each item if you wish. You can also add food options, such as additional toppings and spice levels, that appear in a popup after a customer selects an item. Customers can easily add new dishes to their orders and checkout without leaving the online ordering page, and it works wonderfully on mobile devices as well.

    If you want to accept takeout and delivery orders online, Restaurant Ordering is the best plugin.

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  • 2. WooCommerce Cuisine

    WooCommerce Food

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    WooCommerce Food has a great style and includes a huge amount of features. At $49, it’s one of the most affordable WooCommerce food ordering plugins available.

    There are tons of menu styles included in the WooCommerce Food plugin, so be sure to check out the demo. For the most part, you’ll probably want to use a list or grid layout. When a customer comes to the food menu, you can display a popup asking them to choose delivery, takeaway or dine-in first. If ordering delivery, they will select the restaurant location to order and enter their address before selecting items to add to their order (great for local delivery).

    WooCommerce Food includes food options, so patrons can customize their recipes after they choose and before adding them to their cart. This is great for providing the best service and collecting extra revenue from your dishes.

    This plugin also has a lot of handy additional options. For example, it’s the only plugin listed here that allows you to add a tip field at checkout, set minimum and maximum quantities for items, and change menus based on date and time. All of these settings can be extremely useful depending on the needs of your restaurant.

    This is the most robust restaurant plugin for WooCommerce, making it an excellent choice if you need additional options like location selection, order invoice printing, and shipping radius.

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  • 3. Easy Order Page


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    YITH Easy Order Page is a great plugin to simplify your checkout process. WooCommerce automatically creates a shop page with all of your products, but while it’s great for clothing and other items, it doesn’t work well for restaurants. This plug-in from YITH changes that by giving shoppers a page where they can view and order all your dishes.

    Each dish will display its title, price and a small image. You can display your menu items in a single list or in a grid layout. Customers can quickly add items to their cart and then proceed to checkout when they are ready to order.

    While this plugin does a great job easing checkout and adding a restaurant menu to your site, it lacks dining options. For example, letting customers choose the type of crust and topping for pizza after adding it to the cart. If you need this feature for your restaurant, then you should go with the restaurant ordering plugin shown above.

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  • 4. Restaurants for WooCommerce

    Restaurants for WooCommerce

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    Restaurants for WooCommerce is a full-featured plugin for adding your restaurant’s menu to your site and accepting online pickup and takeaway orders.

    With this plugin, you can convert your shop page to a menu-style layout with all your recipes. The style is a bit basic, but includes a lot of customization options. It also includes the food options in the popup, but these are added from a separate WooCommerce product add-on plugin. You might want to combine it with a food delivery service theme for more style options.

    The one downside with this plugin is that it turns your shop into a menu, which means you can’t even sell merchandise on your site. The plugins listed above let you embed your restaurant menu in a separate page so you can accept food orders online while using your shop to sell T-shirts and other merchandise. That said, this plugin includes shortcodes for embedding multiple menus on different pages.

    Overall, this plugin is good enough for adding a restaurant menu to your site and ordering online, but lacks style and a mobile-friendly design.

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  • 5. WooCommerce Food Labels

    WooCommerce Food Labels

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    The plugins shown above are great for building your online menu and accepting takeout and delivery orders. This last plugin is a bit different.

    WooCommerce Food Labels is a simple and inexpensive plugin for adding labels to your dishes. When selling dishes with WooCommerce, you’re sure to find something that’s gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and dairy-free. Most likely, you’ve already marked these properties on your menu, so your online menu should display them as well. This plugin makes it simple.

    All you have to do is enable the display of icons on your product pages and then add the icons you need. WooCommerce food labels come bundled with plenty of pre-made icons to choose from, so you won’t even need to upload your own images.

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Which restaurant plugin is best for WooCommerce?

With all these options, choosing just one plugin can be daunting.

Restaurant Ordering gets my top recommendation as it is so smartly designed. It’s easy for you to customize and just as easy for your customers to use.

WooCommerce Food is my runner-up because it includes so many features. While restaurant ordering is great, it may not have any of the features you need; This will not happen with WooCommerce Food. The only drawback is that the complexity means it will take a little longer to set up.

I hope this collection of the best WooCommerce restaurant plugins has helped you find the right solution for your site.

Thanks so much for reading!

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