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5 questions to answer first

While WordPress is a power player in the world of content management systems, it is not free from vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities account for 41% of attacks on the platform.

This is what makes WordPress site care businesses profitable nowadays.

Since many people run their online businesses using a CMS, they will need all the help they need to keep their sites safe and secure.

However, the question is not why you should start this business. Rather:

Is this one worth starting?

You can break this question into smaller parts, which we will ask and answer in this post.

This way, you get a clear picture of what this business has in store for you and help you get into the right mindset.

Let’s get started!

1. “Will this be my main business?”

There are two ways to play it:

Are you planning to make site care your core business? Or do you prefer to make it just an extension of an existing business?

Nut Labs started out as a WordPress design and development company, then transitioned to Site Care after realizing that once customers had a site they needed the support and support to keep their sites secure and effective. Maintenance is required.

Either way, you need to get to the bottom of this topic. And whatever your decision is, you should focus there.

If you decide to make your WordPress site care business your core business, you need to focus most of your attention on that. you all should go in and dedicate your time and effort in its development.

So, suppose you also provide content writing services. If you want to make site care your primary business, you must decide that 80% of your attention goes to site care. And that content writing will take a backseat and the remaining will be 20%.

Remember, the majority of your income will come from your core business. So it will help if you keep it at the top of your priorities.

Don’t feel so strongly about making your site care business your main channel of earning income? Then you can just let it function as an extension of your core business, or you can white-label it.

2. “Will I Host Websites?”

Some of your potential customers are looking for better web hosting solutions for a variety of reasons. So as a WordPress site care provider, you have to answer this important question.

The easiest way is to suggest which web host they should move their site to. For example, if their web host is slowing down their site’s load, it’s time to help them move to another site.

At this point, you can help them migrate their website to another hosting platform. Most of the popular WordPress hosting providers offer migration for free or at minimal cost. Either way, your job is to make the transfer go smoothly.

Of course, the choice of hosting depends on how much traffic the site is generating.

For example, your client’s WordPress-powered site welcomes 100,000 monthly visitors. Therefore, recommend them to turn to a dedicated WordPress host that can better accommodate a high-traffic site.

For businesses that need dedicated resources to help you get the most out of their WordPress sites, you can consider hosting the sites yourself, although you’ll need to use the command line to optimize the server for WordPress. Should be comfortable to operate and you should be able to navigate and troubleshoot when settings need to be adjusted.

For customers who want affordable shared hosting, you can suggest managed WordPress hosting service providers such as Kinsta, WP Engine, and SiteGround.

However, you can also white-label and resell these hosting platforms under your own brand. As such, you are technically selling web hosting as part of your services.

The advantage of hosting as a service is that you can earn more than what they recommend on which platform to host. You can bundle their site care services but suggest moving their site to your hosting.

However, whenever issues with their hosting arise from their website, they will call you instead of the platform you white-label. If you have a support team to accommodate inquiries this shouldn’t be a problem. However, relying on the kindness of your customers for each and every problem of the website falls on you.

Newt Labs hosts their websites in-house for complete control, this way they can fix any problems faster without having to rely on a third party if worst-case scenarios happen.

Consider these things when thinking about hosting client sites.

3. “What services should I offer?”

Administrative and security services are examples of what you can offer with your WordPress site care business. You can also provide plans for daily, weekly and monthly site maintenance.

It’s your call what services you want to provide. And before you provide a service, you need to consider these factors:

  • Level of Expertise – If you are not an expert in a field, it is better not to include it in your list. It will help if you don’t deal with situations that involve more knowledgeable clients.
  • Willingness to go the extra mile Always put your 100% effort while providing a particular service. Be ready to do more. This can earn you respect as well as more customers in the long run.
  • Does it help reach other business goals? – Is your other business goal to meet high financial standards? Then you may want to avoid offering less profitable services.

Newt Labs offers a free 7-day email course that will walk you through the main services you should provide as a WordPress site care provider and give examples of some of the tools you can use to provide these services. can do for

4. “How much do I need to invest?”

For your WordPress site care business to operate seamlessly, you need to be prepared to spend cash.

For one, you want it to be well maintained with updated themes, plugins, and more. And in order to use premium tools for your client sites, you may need to subscribe to agency plans, which can cost over thousands of pounds a year.

It is somewhat fine to use free plugins and themes on a client’s WordPress site. However, at some point, you need to provide them with premium tools that match your premium services.

let’s put it this way:

You are asking your customers to invest in you. Why should you worry about investing in a product if you don’t want them to have a problem giving you their money?

Also, did you know that free plugins are a significant source of vulnerabilities? These tools account for 54% of the global WordPress vulnerability count.

That said, installing free plugins is not always a smart move. And unless it’s necessary, it’s best not to rely on free plugins.

Newt Labs subscribes to various premium plugins and includes them in their site care plans to provide added value to customers.

Remember, your objective in running a site care business is to cater to companies that need help. The idea is that you want them to have peace of mind when you take care of their site.

5. “Am I willing to help?”

So if you are planning to win over your customers, one way is to provide support.

Proof: 73% of consumers love brands that have friendly support services. That’s more than the majority!

Troubleshooting and code support are examples of support services you should be prepared to provide. And what can you do:

Include hours for providing technical support in the plans you offer.

Just keep in mind that providing support takes time, so it can take away most of your focus if you don’t manage your time well. Make sure your days are well planned by setting aside time for support and maintenance, so you can provide a good service and grow your business.

You may want to plan for the latter by allowing you to pool some money into the business to invest in an additional pair later when the support starts taking up all your precious time.


A WordPress site care business is almost like running any type of business: it requires patience.

And while you can’t wait to dive into success, you have to accept that getting there can take time. Months – or even years – may pass before you can reap the benefits of all your hard work.

But regardless of the waiting period, what you can do is make an informed decision about how you want to proceed with your site care business. The questions above will help you understand who you are going against so that you can decide which way to go.

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