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7 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins for Feeds and Embeds

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Podcasting has been around for a long time, but it has only recently emerged as a popular medium.

These days, there’s a podcast for everything.

If you’re ready to join Ripple and publish your podcast on your WordPress site, you’ll want to try out one of the plugins listed here.

These are the top plugins available to promote and play podcasts with WordPress

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Almost all the plugins below are free, but there is a paid plugin as well. All these plugins come from reputed developers and work with the latest version of WordPress.

Without further ado, here are my top picks for the best WordPress podcast plugins.

  • 1. Podcast Importer

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    While some people would prefer to host their podcasts natively with WordPress, these days it is more common for podcasters to use other platforms like Apple Podcasts, and that’s why I’ve listed this plugin earlier. This is a must for any podcaster looking to host their podcast RSS feed outside of WordPress.

    Podcast Importer can sync your podcasts so that every new episode is automatically pulled to your WordPress site without any manual copy/paste. It’s also great for bulk importing a large number of episodes. It uses the default WordPress audio player but also supports embedded players from several popular podcast platforms.

    With the Podcast Importer plugin, you’ll be able to import your episodes into WordPress, decide whether you want to import featured images, choose categories, include an embedded podcast player, and more.

    There’s also a Pro version in which you’ll be able to connect multiple feeds at the same time, import data into custom post types and taxonomies, assign audio players to a custom field, and more

    The Podcast Importer plugin makes your life as a podcaster a lot easier, as you won’t have to worry about manually adding content to your site!

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  • 2. Seriously Simple Podcasting

    Seriously Simple Podcasting

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    plugin description

    This plugin has to come first in my opinion because it is true to its name: Seriously Simple Podcasting.

    You can get up and running with SSP pretty quickly, and the settings strike a perfect balance between extensibility and simplicity.

    Once installed, SSP will add a new custom post type for your podcasts to your site. This way, you can publish podcast episodes separately from your blog posts. That said, you do have the option of disabling podcast post types and using your regular posts for your episodes instead.

    SSP also creates a podcast feed, which is important for syndicating your podcasts. You can promote your feed across the web so that aggregators can pick it up and broadcast it to a wider audience.

    For the on-site experience, SSP uses the default WordPress audio player which works well despite being light on features. A handful of widgets are also included to promote recent episodes or even feature individual episodes in your sidebar.

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  • 3. Fusebox

    Fusebox Website

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    plugin description

    Fusebox is my top recommendation for a WordPress podcast player plugin. While Seriously Simple Podcasting is a great plugin, Fusebox has more features and has its own customizable audio player.

    This plugin is the only premium plugin included in this collection and you can tell by its appearance. Unlike the simple audio player from SSP, Fusebox has a beautiful and highly advanced embeddable player. The shortcode system is easy to use and you can customize its colors and other aspects as well.

    Here, another look at the player design (which is highly customizable):

    smart podcast player player

    Content like title, description and tags are all readily available. In addition, visitors can browse all episodes, skip forward/back, and there is also a search bar to find specific episodes.

    On top of this, since Fusebox was created by Pay Flynn, a popular internet marketer, it has a lot of marketing tools built-in. It claims its position on the homepage as “… the only podcast player that allows you to capture the email addresses of your listeners.”

    While you certainly don’t need all the features in this plugin to get started, it can be a nice upgrade for your site at some point.

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  • 4. Auto YouTube Importer

    youtube importer plugin

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    plugin description

    Auto YouTube Importer plugin helps YouTubers, Vloggers and site owners who need to import their YouTube videos in bulk.

    It allows users to import any YouTube channel easily. The plugin imports your YouTube videos as posts, and includes a video player embedded right above your content, with a video thumbnail added as a special image and the content pulled from YouTube.

    The main feature of the plugin is that it is constantly checking for new videos and importing them whenever they are published on YouTube. You don’t need to manually run the import every time you release a new video – the plugin will take care of it automatically!

    There is also a Pro version of the plugin. With the Pro version, you’ll be able to connect multiple YouTube channels and import multiple videos from multiple sources in a row. You can also import the data into any custom post type or custom taxonomy. The Pro version supports importing videos into custom fields if you prefer to control where the videos are displayed.

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  • 5. PowerPress


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    plugin description

    Blubrry, the makers behind this plugin, provided tools for podcasters long before podcasting was cool. In other words, they have been in the game for a long time.

    PowerPress Plugin has a lot of functionality for being a free plugin. You’ll find everything you need to manage your podcasts, from Apple Podcasts support (formerly iTunes Podcasts) to podcast feed creation. Your podcast feed will be fully optimized for Apple’s service and even SEO-optimized to rank well and reach more listeners. Feeds created by PowerPress also work with Google’s Podcast directory.

    Apart from all the features in this plugin, it also integrates with podcast hosting and many other tools offered by BluBree. If I were to rank these plugins based on functionality alone, this would be my number one choice. However, from the admin menu to the audio player, this plugin isn’t particularly well designed. If you’re okay with taking some time out to learn how to use this plugin, it might be the best option for your site.

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  • 6. BuzzSprout Podcasting

    Buzzsprout Podcasting

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    plugin description

    Buzzsprout offers cheap podcast hosting for its users and has a WordPress plugin available for embedding their simple audio player on your site.

    While you need to use Buzzsprout Hosting to effectively use this plugin on your site, it is a great option and has received strong reviews from its existing users.

    The audio player itself is pretty basic, but allows you to add individual episodes to posts or embed a “big player” that includes a list of episodes available to play.

    Buzzsprout also excels at syndication thanks to its full iTunes support (now Apple Podcasts). You’ll have no trouble getting your podcast published in the world’s largest podcast catalogue.

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  • 7. Podlove Podcast Publisher


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    plugin description

    This is another free option for publishing your podcast that claims to have a more modern approach than its competitors.

    With Podlove Podcast Publisher, you’ll be hosting all of your files on your site so you’re always the owner of the content. During the setup process, you’ll be able to select a directory where you keep episodes. In addition, you can choose from a variety of content formats that allow you to publish video podcasts in addition to traditional audio podcasts.

    Despite their claims of simplicity, I found this plugin to be a bit more complicated than some of the other options. That said, it’s got an interesting design and approach to solving the technical challenges of podcasting, and they offer some really cool features other solutions don’t have like download analytics.

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Which podcast plugin is best for you?

Out of all the plugins available for podcasting, Seriously Simple Podcasting stands out as an excellent option. Unlike other plugins that simply claim to be simple, SSP stands out as an intuitive and easy-to-use option.

If you prefer to host your podcasts on a platform outside of WordPress, you will definitely want to install the Podcast Importer plugin to sync your latest episodes with your site.

If you’re looking for a plugin to add a gorgeous player to your site with built-in email list building features, nothing competes with Fusebox.

While the other three plugins can work great for your site, I wanted to highlight them both because they stand out in my mind as the best podcast plugins available.

Before you go, be sure to take a look at our podcast theme post to see some amazing WordPress themes available for your site.

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