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7 Ways to Use FooBar Now to Boost Black Friday Sales

It’s almost November, and you know what that means… Black Friday! It’s time for the biggest sale of the year. The sale that everyone has been waiting for, so that they can make big savings. But if you want customers to spend their money on your products, you need to boost your Black Friday sales.

Don’t wait until days or weeks in advance. You can start promoting your sales now, so you can promote and get people excited about the big event.

But how can you increase your Black Friday sales before they even begin? And how do you let customers know you’re driving sales?

We have just the plugin for you! FooBar is a WordPress notification bar plugin that you can use to let everyone know about your promotions. In this post, we are going to tell you about some of the best features of FooBar that you can make use of this Black Friday.


Part of boosting your sales is drawing attention to it. Call-to-action (CTA) times are a great way to do this. It grabs your customers’ attention and encourages them to take action.

Foobar’s CTA Bar is included in the free version of the plugin, and with it, you can add your own words, include emoji, and adjust the colors to suit your needs. With the free version of FooBar, you get 6 colors to choose from, as well as black and white. (If you’re using FooBar PRO, you can customize the colors of your bar, text, and buttons.)

Here’s a look at a basic CTA bar you can put together using the free version of FooBar. We’ve made it an inline bar, but you can also place it at the top or bottom of your page.

Since a CTA bar includes a button, you can prompt potential customers to take action. You can direct them to the Black Friday sales page, or take them directly to the product or pricing page. Regardless, a CTA bar can help funnel your customers and increase your conversions during your sale.

countdown bar

Countdown bar is similar to CTA notification in that it prompts customers to take action. It’s a little better at this, however, as it adds some degree of pressure by using a countdown. Customers are reminded that the sale will end soon, and so they are encouraged to take action before time runs out.

FooBar PRO includes a timer and a countdown bar with a button, which you can customize to suit your needs. Here is an example of a Black Friday countdown bar using FooBar PRO.

With the premium plugin, you can change colors, adjust font-size, and add more attention-grabbing effects (we’ll cover these in just a minute). So your bar can really stand out and grab your visitor’s attention. With the addition of a timer, you can create a sense of urgency, which will definitely boost your sales!

A timer can operate in one of two ways: it can count down to a fixed or relative amount of time. If it counts down for a certain amount of time, you’ll set a date and time in the future, and your bar will count down to it. This is an effective way to count down to the end of your sale (or you can use this method to count down to the beginning of your sale).

If you are using a relative time, the timer will count down to a relative time in the future, for example, 2 days, 3 hours, and 25 minutes. When someone visits your site for the first time, the timer will start counting down. This is a good way to generate FOMO (fear of missing out) because it creates a greater sense of urgency while giving customers a chance to save.

When it comes to Black Friday short sales, using the countdown bar until the end of the promotion is a great way to boost your sales.

attention-grabbing effect

A call to action is only effective if it captures the attention of your customers. If people can’t see it, they can’t take action. That’s why Foobar Pro includes some awesome attention-grabbing effects.

With the premium plugin, both buttons and toggles can be animated (as in the countdown bar above). There are 5 effects to choose from, including heartbeat, pulse, surge and shock. These capture the attention of the visitor, so that they can see the CTA and take that action.

It’s a good idea to include one of these effects on both the button and the toggle. The button in your bar will be telling your customers whether to take an action, for example, Buy, Buy or Save, so adding an effect encourages customers to take action.

Even if someone turns off the notification, they should be able to see the toggle. (This also happens if the bar is set to turn off when someone visits your site, but we don’t recommend doing this for sales or promotions.) So you want to remind them that they’re not right now. can also save. Adding an effect to a toggle does just that – it brings attention back to the bar and encourages customers to take action.

FooBar PRO also includes some fun icons that you can use on your toggles to show customers that the notification is about a sale for example, or that they can save money. Which, of course, is the whole point of Black Friday sales.

Increased control when displaying your bar

FooBar PRO now also includes advanced settings for the position of the bar. This refers to the time the bar is opened or closed, and these new settings allow for more control over when the bar is shown.

As you can see in the screenshot below, you can set the initial position to Open or Closed. Depending on your selection here, you can then choose when the bar should close or open. For example, you can start the bar by opening it, and then set it to close when someone scrolls down 500 pixels.

A good option for Black Friday is the exit intent setting (as shown in the screenshot below). If a potential customer intends to leave the page, a notification bar is triggered. You can use it to offer more discounts, for example, or to prompt your visitor to visit a sales page.

Useful Features for Your Notification Bar

FooBar comes with a range of other useful features that will help make your life easier, and your Black Friday sales more effective.


Choose where your bar is displayed so that it can make an impact where it matters. If you only want it to appear on your pricing page or select landing pages, you can use a shortcode to display it on specific pages. You can even show it sitewide. Or set the conditions in FooBar PRO when you want the bar to appear – for example, you can select a page or post type, or select certain pages.


With the premium version of FooBar, you can schedule your bar to appear by a certain date. And when you’re done selling, schedule your bar to stop showing. This is especially useful for sales like Black Friday, when you want to make sure your sales are only promoted for the duration of the sale.

Schedule CTA times for Black Friday sales


With FooBar, there are many options for where you can place your bar on your page. You can select the top of the page (which is a great option for Black Friday sales) or you can choose an inline bar, or at the bottom of the page. FooBar PRO gives you even more options with a side bar – you can have a smaller bar on the side of your page, or opt for a full-length side bar.

Increase your Black Friday sales now

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Monthly Pricing Now Available

And we’ve introduced monthly pricing for FooBar PRO. We realize that you may not need premium features throughout the year, and with monthly pricing, you can use FooBar PRO only for the months you need them. Please note that if you opt for the monthly license, the premium features will be available only for the duration of the license. At the end of the month, you will lose access to Pro features.

However you choose to promote your Black Friday sale, it’s a good idea to start now!

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