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9 Best Small Business Security Tips for Your WordPress Site

Looking for some useful small business security tips? Here, in this post, I have shared the best strategies for your business security.

Not only are million-dollar organizations constantly facing cyber threats in the digital space; This problem is beginning to affect small businesses as well.

With the increasing number of attacks on medium-sized and small companies, it is a call for them not to take security as an important aspect. Any kind of negligence can affect the company financially and also in terms of reputation.

Here, I have prepared a small business WordPress guide to present you with some great ideas to further improve your security. Maintaining security is a big challenge.

Thus, I recommend you to read this guide thoroughly and follow the mentioned measures as a key to protect your WordPress website in the cyber sector.

Let’s quickly dive in and figure it out!

9 Useful Small Business Security Tips

1. Security via SSL Certificates

Security is an important aspect for all companies, regardless of their size. Keeping a check on cyber security is essential which can be done quickly through special Secure Sockets Layer certificates, as used by most of the organizations today. Once you have installed the correct SSL certificate on your website, you ensure an encrypted connection between the web browser and the client-server.

Reliable yet inexpensive certificates such as RapidSSL and Comodo SSL certificates are among those preferred by most organizations. To keep yourself safe in the cyber space, certificates are popular and pocket friendly. These are readily available in the market and provide the same level of encryption as the more expensive certificates.

2. Focus on Regular Backups

User data must remain secure in a place full of cyber threats; The need to have proper backup cannot be overlooked. The whole small business and you as an owner are prepared for any cyber attack, which underlines the main measure of having a proper backup.

Smaller companies work hard to build relationships, and such attacks significantly impact retailers by undermining users’ trust in the brand. As such, cyber security business ideas should include offline and online backup for any such situation.

If you have built your small business site on WordPress, it is just a piece of cake to back up your valuable data. Yes, I have shared some of the best ways to back up a WordPress website, so that you can choose your convenient one. sit back and relax; No need to worry about content theft.

3. Routine Risk Assessment to Win

Although every business works hard to protect all systems and information, even the slightest carelessness can cost you heavily. It is essential to assess the potential hazards by conducting risk tests that provide a clear picture of vulnerable areas.

This allows you to improve on those specific areas to avoid all kinds of threats. Trained professionals can conduct independent and reliable testing to ensure safety is up-to-date. They can spot potential flaws and let you stay away from the frustration of data loss.

4. Good Password Protection

Every organization relies on multiple passwords to keep its systems secure. But your passwords must be strong enough to withstand any sort of primary attack. Most of the organizations are not able to overcome this initial stage and have emerged as the victims in the end.

Password must contain special characters and must be strong to serve the purpose. It must be changed frequently, and may have a separate safe for record keeping. The password of any two platforms should never be the same as this increases your chances of data loss.

5. Protect Using Updates Edition

Often seen as a fundamental measure and listed among the most overlooked ones, it can protect you in the cyber sphere. Updating the software regularly can keep attackers away and give you all possible protection without much effort.

It is also a measure adopted by large businesses and firms; The whole organization, regardless of its size, should practice the same. Automatic updates can be a big help in this regard. The whole system gets stronger with every update.

As a WordPress site owner, you must have an updated version of it and also make sure to update the installed plugins. An older version can act as a key for cyberpunks to access your company’s data and they can easily take control.

6. Proper Training and Workshops for Employees

Businesses need to train their employees as they are the pillars of business in the cyber sector. Even statistics show that human errors can result in loss of millions to companies.

So all the organizations need to organize regular workshop for the employees. These cyber security trainings are meant for their education, giving them insights to deal with cyber attacks.

7. Use Antivirus Software and Optimized Login

No matter how strong your security is, all businesses need to deploy antivirus software that can help them keep a safe distance from viruses or any type of attack. The software should have the capability to provide the appropriate security and strength system technology required in the digital space. There are many software available in the market which helps the computer to maintain clarity and respond appropriately when faced with an attack.

Similarly, it is better to use a customized login page instead of using a default page for your WordPress site. Yes, it will help to strengthen the security of your business site as you will be changing the login URL which no one could have guessed. Also, I would recommend you to activate two-factor authentication for better security.

8. Do not store user data

Storing essential user data not only for money but also for IT equipment is a major threat in the cyber sector. The first thing hackers want is access to client data. In this regard, you should not take any kind of risk by storing important user data.

As an essential part of this small business WordPress guide, this practice should be followed strictly. Leakage of this vital user data can be dangerous for the company’s network if a hacker gains access to the same.

9. Block Suspicious IPs and Install Security Plugin

Did you know that it is easy to block certain IP addresses in WordPress? Yes, you can ban untrusted IP addresses to protect your site from hacking attempts. It is possible to get the job done through plugins or coding. I have prepared a detailed post on Denying a Special IP Address to Keep Intruders Away!

On the other hand, it is essential to install and use the best WordPress security plugin to protect your small business site in a better way. Here you can find a bunch of security plugins for WordPress; You can use the appropriate one as per the requirements of your site. Instead of using a free plugin, I would recommend a premium version for air-tight security.


All businesses, regardless of their size, are working towards a system of security that is strong enough to withstand any type of attack. Statistics show that the proportion of small businesses facing risk in this decade is much higher than in earlier times. It is no surprise to get caught in the tricks of these vicious criminals despite having the best minds in the organisation.

All the steps mentioned above, including thorough employee education, implementing rigid but flexible policies across the organization, appropriate certifications, and data storage and backup, cannot guarantee you complete security, but do protect you to a great extent .

Following these steps gives you customer satisfaction and success in a limited period of time. Do you have any other safety tips to share? I hope this small business WordPress guide to increasing security will help you stay comfortable and focus on growing your company. Give your valuable thoughts in the comment section.

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