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Are Blogs Dead in 2021?

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It has been almost 30 years since the first blog came on the Internet. Let’s see what research and statistics tell us about whether a blog is still worth it today.

The first blog,, came to light in 1994 as a personal magazine by Justin Hall. Peter Merholz, on the other hand, coined the term “weblog” or a short term for web logging. The term has taken hold and very soon, thousands of blogs have popped up all over the web.

In the end, blogs were a big thing before because they became some kind of digital diary. Many people were fond of owning a blog because they can share their thoughts, experiences, thoughts etc. in their virtual space. Blogs were helpful to many industries because a lot of marketers use it to promote all kinds of businesses. Bloggers have also developed a lot of ways to monetize their blogs.

As vlogging, podcasting, and social media grew in popularity, people interested in blogging felt discouraged. Although there have been a lot of blogging milestones since the launch of the first blogging, one cannot help but notice how personal blogs have lost their appeal.

But is it really?

Blogging statistics you must know about

If you check the statistics, Internet Live stats show that there are currently 1.9 billion web pages. 516 million of which are blogs hosted by Tumblr and 60 million from WordPress. These are active blogs that generate over two million posts every day. By these numbers alone, you can immediately recognize how important blogs are still.

Google receives over a hundred billion searches every month and this growth is expected to grow by 10% every year. In these searches, 70-80% of users prefer to read blog posts rather than paid ads. This is mainly the reason why websites are adding blog sites or micro blogs as it can potentially increase traffic and get up to 434% more indexed pages.

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Although an average blog post of 2,520 words seems so long, a seven-minute reading is more interesting to Internet users. Also notable is how articles with images get 94% more views and shares than posts with text alone. It may sound impossible to think but a blog can increase traffic by 2000% through quality content. And to be of quality, the content should be 100% plagiarism-free and should have catchy blog titles.

Of those who try to monetize their blogs, only 8% of bloggers earn more than enough to make a living. Shocking as it may sound, only the top 0.6% of monetized blogs generate over a million dollars per year.

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How blogging changed in 2021

Podcasts, social media, and vlogs have grown in popularity in recent years, but marketers still consider blogs to be one of the best marketing channels. Note that, over time, blogging today is not the same as the blogging scene five years ago. Today, marketers are able to increase traffic with blogs because of new methods.

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A good example is how cool it was many years ago to blog about everything. People enjoy reading about personal experiences and travels about certain products and services. It was interesting how some of the blogs were interesting because they cover so many topics.

However, modern blogging focuses on the fact that nowadays internet users are using the internet to gain knowledge. To get educated on a certain topic, they find blogs that are talking about a specific topic, then use it to educate themselves further.

In short, niche blogging or intention blogging is more effective today because users consider a blog to be on authority when it is focused on a single niche.

With regard to publishing content, few believe in the idea that more blog posts before then equals success. Well this is true in the sense that in the early days of blogging there was less competition. The more blog posts you feed to audiences, the more visible your blog is.

In modern-day blogs, high quality content that is uploaded consistently according to a schedule is more effective. One in-depth post is more valuable and considered more informative than a series of extraordinary posts. Long content around 1,500-2000 words is considered Google or SEO friendly.

Internet connection speed paved the way for additional changes in blogging behavior through the years. Gone are the days when people were already satisfied with slow loading pages due to low internet connection. Today, users are all on ultra-fast internet speeds and expect blogs to be the same.

This is where SEO became such a big hit among bloggers. One of the keystones in earning the top spot on search engines is loading speed. Blogs should be optimized for fast loading so as not to frustrate the users.

Since the internet is also very fast, users are not satisfied with having only text and images on blog posts. Videos are not only more entertaining, they provide information faster than just reading a long article.

Blogging and Marketing

Remember that blogging success is not easy, especially in 2021. Because internet users are very careful now, they prefer to know about products through articles than through advertisements. They know how to create fake promotions and instead rely on blog reviews to increase brand awareness.

Compared to podcasts, social media posts and vlogs, blogging has a longer search or shelf life. Podcasts can be entertaining but the show needs to be truly meaningful for the audience to listen to. Social media can be interactive, but only if you are able to successfully drive interest through an interesting post. On the other hand, vlogs require a lot of resources to produce quality videos. Whereas with blogs, you only need to invest in quality content and SEO.

This shows that when companies are using blogs to reach their target customers, they do so with careful consideration of quality content. It is actually a cost effective tool to use blog for marketing for two reasons. One, blogs can reach huge audiences and two; Credibility is built when people find blogs informative.

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Using a blog as a business strategy is wise because it can help build loyalty and trust by showing a transparent way of presenting the company. The key is to provide more valuable content than the competition. There is also a need to study about SEO marketing to reach the right audience.

So, are blogs dead?

Simply put, no, blogging is not dead, but it has evolved a lot and is still changing. These changes are important to adapt to changing audience behavior and user patterns. 53% of marketers still believe that blogging is an effective marketing tool. It is a great tool for lead generation, increasing traffic and converting visitors into buying customers.

Although the process is much more complicated, blogging in 2021 is still relevant and will remain so as long as you carefully study how to adapt it to current trends.

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