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Best WordPress Deals and Discounts (December 2021)

Looking for a good WordPress deal?

How is free sound?

In this collection, we have included WordPress themes and plugins that are not only discounted; They are $0.

These products usually cost $50 or moreSo it’s a great deal, but it won’t last long.

Keep scrolling to find this month’s deals and Download these premium products for free,

Free Templates and Plugins of the Month

This month Envato is offering a free WooCommerce plugin, HTML5 templates and video graphics, a logo badge kit, and a few other digital assets, including a royalty-free song.

Heavy WooCommerce Plugin

download for free

Bulk Editing is a highly advanced WordPress plugin for WooCommerce products. It adds a responsive table layout to your dashboard where you can update your products faster.

The table added by Bulky includes 37 filterable fields, so you can perform complex searches to find the exact products you want to edit. You won’t have any trouble making massive edits to your products even if you have thousands in your store. Overall, it is extremely comprehensive and well designed.

download heavy now

Arlo Portfolio Template

Arlo HTML Template

download for free

Arlo is a minimalist portfolio template for individuals with a filterable gallery and clean design. There are a few different layouts involved, so be sure to check out the demo.

While the free version of Arlo is not a WordPress theme, they do have a WordPress version of the template available. Otherwise, you can use Arlo as a starting point to build your own theme or create a plain HTML website.

Download Arlo Now

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Last month’s free themes and plugins

Last month the focus was on eCommerce.

You’ll get a robust and modern WooCommerce theme, a multi-vendor marketplace plugin, and an eCommerce HTML template pack.

Yum – Modern WooCommerce Theme


download for free

Yoome is a feature-packed WordPress theme for WooCommerce stores. It has a stunning design and eight different homepages, each catering to a different niche. This would work great for creating an eCommerce store for clothing, jewelry, electronics, and hundreds of other product types.

Yom also includes some features that would normally require additional plugins. For example, there’s Sticky Cart that allows customers to edit their carts from any page, so you won’t need a one-page checkout plugin. There are also advanced filters, Ajax search results, infinite scrolling, and a quick view feature.

download yum now

Multi-Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace

download for free

This plugin is normally $99, so getting it for free is an insane price.

Using this plugin, you can create a multi-party marketplace like eBay or Etsy. There is only one account type for customers in a normal WooCommerce store, but with this Marketplace plugin, visitors can register as sellers as well. Then they can add their products.

Sellers will be able to review their sales and message customers on the site, and you will have complete control over commission rates and product approvals. Overall, this is a really advanced plugin and an amazing deal at the low cost of $0.

Download Multi Vendor Marketplace for WooCommerce now

Vokey – eCommerce HTML Template


download for free

Wokiee is a premium HTML template for eCommerce stores. You can use it to build a simple eCommerce website without WordPress, or just use it as inspiration.

It’s built with Bootstrap 4, so if you’re familiar with the Twitter Bootstrap framework, you’ll find it easy to customize. And it is much more than just an eCommerce store page.

Vokey includes over 60 homepage designs, 8 shop pages, and 8 product pages. It is more accurately described as an eCommerce Store HTML Template Pack than a simple template.

Download Vokey now

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