Saturday, May 21st, 2022

Big Changes on the Way With WordPress 5.9 Release 5 Days Away!

Are you ready for full site editing?

The idea of ​​Full Site Editing (FSE) in WordPress is as old as the Gutenberg/Block editor itself. But this concept is about to become a reality in WordPress 5.9 which is scheduled to be released to the general public less than a week from now. Are you ready? excited? overwhelmed? I would love to hear your thoughts!

The struggle is real for many WP DEVS, designers and marketers, who are also reluctant to look at things like block themes and full site editing because much of their workflow was perfected around ideas and concepts from a generation ago. Many people are just wrapping their minds around child themes and action hooks and now many of these WordPress staples are either completely replaced or eliminated altogether. We now hope to decipher block patterns and leave our favorite page builder or design plugin to Gutenberg, which has spread like a virus or a breath of fresh air throughout the WP workflow. So which one is it?

Block themes, are they a new tool or a total paradigm shift.

With WordPress 5.9 we get the brand new 2022 default theme which is completely built on a block foundation! When I first scoured the files I saw many more differences than similarities with the “old” way of creating WP themes. PHP files are mostly replaced with HTML and most code blocks are designed to interface with the editor. Essentially we’re finally seeing WordPress and WP quite capture the “design” aspect of web design, something that was left to Themes and Plugins for so long. And although the block theme still influences the design of the site, it is now more about configuring the block editor and not directly designing your posts and pages.

So how do we feel about it? I find that for many people it’s so different from what we’re used to that it can make us a little nostalgic for the “good ‘old days” of WordPress when most of the design and functionality was handed over to themes and plugins and WP Went. The platform itself remained focused on providing a solid foundation for your website. But I think the idea is to empower the everyday user, to reduce the point of entry for WP site development, while possibly maintaining, if not increasing the quality of what we produce. . Time will tell if this becomes a reality.

What are your thoughts?

I must admit that for a time I was quite reluctant to proceed in this blocky direction. Yet once I really started playing and learned all about this inevitable WordPress paradigm shift I couldn’t help but see so many opportunities and mostly positive changes. But of course there are going to be growing pains. what do you say? Do you see this as a good thing, a positive direction for our beloved website building platform? Or does it make you look for an exit sign as Google “best WordPress alternative 2022”? Let me know your thoughts!

I’ll be sharing more of my thoughts and opinions on this soon, but for now I want to hear from you all because your insights have always been my best resource for how I can deliver value to the WordPress community. I

WordPress 5.9 RC1

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