Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

Clear your cache with confidence

Caching is a great way to speed up server requests and provide a better user experience, but it can also prevent changes from appearing in real time when you (or your customers) are working on sites.

This often prompts the question: “Have you cleared the cache?”

But there’s more than one cache, and determining which one you need to clear (and then finding them all) can quickly turn into a game of wac-a-mole.

That’s why WP Engine is bringing clarity to cache clearing with new, advanced features for our caching tools and the ability to manage them all in one place – providing precise control over the caching layer.

Click on the Caching tab in Administration to explore the new advanced features available for your sites

If you are an existing customer, you can access the new features under the WP Engine plugin in WP Admin on the Caching tab.

Once enabled, you’ll have easy access to your cache settings at any time, with the ability to clear all caches at once, and trust that what your site is showing is true.

Admin users will see that access to cache settings is now also available in the top menu on any page. This feature was available earlier but was turned off by default. We’ve turned it on based on extensive user feedback, seeing how useful it is.

Clear your cache with confidence

Not only will these new features make it easier to clear caches without disrupting your development workflow, you can be sure that your caches are cleared and you’re not experiencing inaccurate test results while working through site changes. Is.

Before launching a new site, you’ll want to ensure that your caching is fully optimized to maximize download performance and ensure the best experience for your customers. After a few quick selections on the Caching tab, your site will be ready to go!

The newly available Cache Times controls (seen below) give you finer control over things like cache timeouts, as well as the ability to schedule header updates.

Here’s a detailed look at what these new caching features can help you achieve:

total cache control

  • Enable users to improve their caching by setting their timeout to match their site’s level of interactivity. This will improve site performance, especially for pages that are updated less frequently.
  • Set the POST and API timeouts from 10 minutes to four weeks.
  • Use Smart Cache to automatically set pages that haven’t been updated in the last four weeks to expire in six months.
  • Enable the Last-Modified header, which encourages the browser to use localized versions of pages first.

Accurate testing with easy and reliable cache-clearing

  • Better cache clearing than WP Admin mu plugin.
  • The updated Cache Clear Tool ensures that all caches are cleared and provides user feedback if any issues are encountered.
  • Because the cache can only be cleared every few minutes, the Update Plugin button will be disabled and a countdown timer will be shown telling the user when the cache can be cleared again.
  • The “Quick Cache Clear” top menu link will now be enabled for all WordPress admin users, allowing them to clear their cache from any WP admin page.

smart cash

In addition to greater caching control, you’ll also gain the ability to automate caching preferences using Smart Cache, which makes your site set-it-and-forget-it-friendly.

This feature allows the plugin to work in the background, ensuring that your caching is automatically increased while another task is removed from your to-do list.

Eliminate Caching Troubles

With the new caching features available on WP Engine’s platform you’ll be able to speed up your development workflow, be at ease, and “easy to test”, with the assurance that your caching is optimized for your site.

Click here to learn more about WP Engine’s caching features or talk to an expert now to get your questions answered!

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