Saturday, May 21st, 2022

Create a Blockbase Child Theme – Themeshaper

We are working on a plugin to help you create a Blockbase child theme. The idea is that you can use existing tools to make changes to a Blockbase theme, and then export a bundle of templates and themes. As a new child theme.

I tried to create a new theme called “Typewriter” using these tools.

Step 1 – Setup

Install and activate Blockbase, and Build Blockbase Theme Plugin.

Step 2 – Customization

Make changes to your site using the optimizer. I chose some new colors:

I changed fonts:

You can also use Global Styles to modify your theme at this point:

I only made the changes using the customizer, but you might want to make more changes in the theme.json file directly after the theme is created.

Step 3 – Templates

Edit your templates using the site editor:

I managed to get everything I needed into this theme using the site editor, but for some things you may need to edit the template files directly once the theme is created.

Step 4 – Export

Under Appearance there will be a new page called “Create Blockbase Theme”:

You can add a description for the topic here. These will be used in the style.css file. When you click the “Create Blockbase Theme” button, a ZIP file will be downloaded, containing all the files for your theme. this is my:

Step 5 – Testing

At this point you should have a zip file containing a working theme. You can upload it to your WordPress and activate it.

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