Saturday, May 21st, 2022

Has the heat wave turned the IPL upside down?

Several interesting trends have emerged in IPL 2022. One of them is how teams have changed tactics as the heat rises in and around Maximum City.

The 58th match of the Indian Premier League between Delhi and Rajasthan reversed the trend of the second half of IPL 2022. Delhi won the match by winning the toss, while in most other matches, Rajasthan claimed victory after losing the toss. Also, it was the team elected to field first after winning the toss after 5 matches.

The IPL team captains rested the formula before winning the toss in the first half of the season. The dew made it difficult to bowl. So bowling first and winning the match was almost predictable.

In the first half of this year’s IPL, the team batting second had a clear advantage: the team batting second won almost 60 per cent of the matches.

Suddenly, the opposite happened after the start of the heatwave: the team batting first won more than 60 percent of the matches.

The effect of APSA80 spray has neutralized the effect of dew.

But the heat wave is also affecting the tournament.


Nearing the business end of the league, teams are trying every strategy in their book to win.

It can be a matter of nerves: As the season draws to a climax, tensions build up, making it more nerve-wracking to bat second. Some of the best finishers in the business aren’t working their magic or have left for their shores. Teams are working in their comfort zones to win.

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