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how to audit wordpress site

In this post, we are going to show you how to perform a WordPress site audit to improve the health of your website.

We follow the exact process to conduct regular WordPress site audits for our clients.

This will help you identify potential issues on the website so that you can fix and improve your website performance.

This detailed website evaluation will include:

  • website design audit
  • Website Functionality Audit
  • website performance audit
  • website content audit
  • Website Technical SEO Audit

Pro Tip

Don’t just analyze your homepage. Be sure to check every page of your website to get the most out of WordPress site audit.

let’s get started!

wordpress site design audit

Consistency plays an integral role in your website design and leaves a huge impact on user experience.

According to the latest survey, 94% of negative website feedback is design related and 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to the site after having a bad experience. To avoid this, you need to make sure that your website is designed such that it maximizes the user experience.

Thrive Market is an American e-commerce subscription-based retailer company. This company is offering natural and organic food products at affordable prices. In 2015, Without the option to browse, all traffic paths took visitors to the email capture wall. the only exception was NS transportation.

NS Thrive Market’s Biggest Purpose The idea was to increase conversions and increase organic sessions. semrush Helped Thrive Markets teams figure out exactly what words to use and also helped identify other ideas that might be lurking around.

By having a regular WordPress site audit, Thrive Market site’s CPA is reduced by 50% while conversions increase 2x with 3-5x Increase in organic seasons.

Plus, a clear keyword database enabled effective writing and resulted in them ranking 124k keywords in google.

A website design audit involves analyzing all the design elements of your website to ensure the consistency of the design, which will help you maintain the original design of your website.

The essential elements of a website design audit are:

  • Logo
  • Guidance
  • header
  • football
  • Image Size and Formatting
  • content formatting

Make sure to evaluate your website design on all these points like Chome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox, Safari and on all devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac etc.

Website display on different screen sizes

It is a good idea to get a complete website design audit done once a month. And the best tools to help you check your site’s layout on different browsers and screen sizes are:

How to audit website design on different screen sizes

Pro Tip

Anything above 2MB in your website page is considered heavy and causes the error to appear. During website design audit, if anything above 2MB is found, we recommend that you put your page design on diet.

wordpress site functionalities audit

A well-functioning website can help sell your business to customers or clients. If your site is not working properly you will start losing potential leads and leave an overall negative impression of your brand.

Make sure your website functionality is working fine for all devices as well. According to the latest survey, 85% of adults think the mobile version of a company’s website should be better than their desktop version.

Siemens Healthcare is a leader in medical imaging technologies and one of the world’s largest healthcare technology suppliers. A few years back, they noticed some issues for the functionality of the software.

The challenge was to reduce test execution time and add multi-technology support to avoid any further issues. Doing regular site performance audits using the best tools like Ranorex gave them a 10% reduction in the trial period. In addition, they simplified the workflow by building flexible and shareable code modules and test automation steps.

Website Functions Audit involves the analysis of website functions – how it works or how it works.

Keeping your website functionality in working order is critical to the success of your website. You just need to review all the features of your website regularly.

for example:

  • drop down menu
  • all navigation items
  • internal link
  • third party links
  • social media profiles
  • appreciation letter
  • questions to ask
  • blog
  • like and share plugin
  • notes
  • test contact forms
  • membership form
  • tab functionality
  • text expansion functionality
  • user friendly

If you have an e-commerce website, we would highly recommend spending some extra time auditing the store’s functionality.

The following tools can come in handy for auditing broken links, image alt text, and other pertinent details:

How to audit broken links, image ALT text and more

Pro Tip

Instead of having just one stand-alone testimonials page, it would be better to use different testimonials across all service pages as well. This will help in improving your website conversion.

wordpress site performance audit

A website performance audit lets you find out the weak points of your website. It measures website performance and finds opportunities to speed up page loading.

Do you know, slow loading websites cost retailers £1.73 billion in lost sales each year, and about 47% of website users expect a maximum loading time of 2 seconds.

You can divide a website performance audit into three parts:

  • Front-end website performance audit
  • Back-end website performance audit
  • Hybrid website performance audit

Douglas is a well known cosmetics brand. In 2017, he noticed that his website had a page load time of around 20 seconds. So, they started doing a regular website performance audit.

In 2018, they reduced the page loading time to just 8 seconds. So, he started working on technical things along with regular WordPress site performance audits. Now, their average page load time is 4 seconds, with a 25% organic visibility increase.

Front-end website performance audits include:

Typically, a back-end website performance audit explores the influencing factors of front-end content delivery.

  • server setup
  • chief ministers
  • module configuration
  • SQL query efficiency
  • css files
  • Recommend improvements to these factors
  • locate target page etc.
Website performance has an impact on the conversion rate.

A hybrid website performance audit combines both front-end and back-end analysis.

Its analysis consists of two main components:

  • web page speed
  • server configuration

Automated performance tools include:

These tools can give you useful metrics and guidelines.

Page Speed ​​Insight Tool to Audit WordPress Site Performance

Pro Tip

If you have more than one external CSS file, each one gets added to your page load times and is unavoidable. Try merging your css files and better to use internal or even inline css. Sometimes all these css/js files come from plugins/third party so it is better to use as few plugins as possible.

wordpress site content audit

Did you know, users spend about 6 seconds viewing the website’s written content and before deciding to leave or stay on the site. If the content doesn’t look pretty on the page, about 38% of people will stop engaging with the website.

Website Content Audit gives you a detailed report on how well your website content is performing in terms of SEO and driving traffic.

In addition, it provides you with valuable information about the website content that is performing well and the potential low hanging keywords that you can target to increase your website traffic.

Moschino is an Italian luxury fashion house, specializing in leather goods, footwear, accessories and fragrances. Back in 2018, Moschino lacked online visibility. The famous fashion brand ranks only for its branded keywords.

The company was about to start working on generic keywords and needed a strategy. So with regular website content audits, they get a +38% increase in visibility for non-branded keywords with an influx of users with high search intent.

Evaluate your website content on these points:

  • SEO checks on content, keywords, images, tags
  • material stability
  • Bulleted or numbered lists to communicate essential points
  • Make sure the page title, URL, and meta description are Google-friendly
  • fix broken or expired links
  • Landing pages have a few short paragraphs
  • creative headlines
  • Content must be written for search engines and humans
  • remove duplicate content
  • Correct spelling and grammar mistakes

These points will help you evaluate the site content and take necessary action for improvement.

These points will help you evaluate the site content and take necessary action for improvement. Keeping your website content up to date and fresh helps to improve your site’s SEO and achieve better content marketing results.

Here are some tools and plugins that can help you with your website content audit:

wordpress site content audit plugin

Pro Tip

Few quality content pages are better for SEO than very low quality pages. Having a few pages will also make it easier for most webmasters to regularly audit their sites.

wordpress site seo audit

Did you know, a properly done website SEO audit – gives you better insight into your website, individual pages and improves website traffic?

Website SEO Audit helps you determine how your website is performing in search engines and gives you a detailed report on where you need to try to improve it.

About 61% of marketers say that improving SEO and increasing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority.

The detailed report of the technical SEO audit of the entire website includes issues related to:

  • website structure
  • On-Page SEO Factors
  • user experience etc.

Simple Recipes’ mission is to help readers get food on the table with less stress and more joy. Back in 2016, Simple Recipes had an extensive recipe library, yet its traffic was in decline. The website relied on organic search for 70% of its traffic.

They decided to take a hard look at their SEO practices and turn the tide. After regular WordPress website audit, they get 56% organic traffic growth with an easy and comprehensive competitor and keyword research.

Follow these points and get results for your website SEO audit:

  • mobile friendly website
  • your website speed
  • sequencing analysis
  • status code
  • redirect
  • url structure
  • robots.txt
  • xml sitemap
  • check zombie pages
  • check indexing problems
  • organic traffic
  • On-Page SEO
  • check backlinks
  • find broken links
  • material check
  • check internal links
  • Featured Snippet Optimization

A regular website SEO audit is essential to check the health of your website.

Get Your WordPress Site SEO Audited With SEMRush

Pro Tip

Always remove all zombie pages from your website. This makes the rest of the website SEO audit much easier as fewer pages mean fewer problems.


It is essential to conduct WordPress site audits regularly to improve your website performance and increase leads for your business. By performing regular website audits, you can identify issues and fix them in a timely manner.

However, if you need help with your website audit, feel free to shoot us an email using this form.

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