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How to Get a Spotify Yearly Subscription (Save Over $32)

I always try to keep my monthly subscription to a minimum to save money. Working from home, Spotify is one of those things that I keep running almost 24/7. In 2020, I listened to over 62,000 minutes of music. Synthwave especially helps me write and get my creative juices flowing. See below how to get a Spotify annual subscription and save over $32 per year.

Get a Spotify Annual Subscription

Apple Music lets you buy an annual subscription. Spotify only lets you subscribe per month. But the good news is that they accept Spotify gift cards. You can buy a 12-month Spotify Premium $99 gift card on Amazon and effectively get a year’s subscription.


  • A Spotify Premium subscription typically costs $10.79 per month with taxes (this may vary depending on your location). So over the course of a year, it becomes $129.48. Let’s say you previously used a card with maybe 2.5% cashback at $129.48. So $129.48 – $3.23 = $126.24.
  • A Spotify Premium 12-month gift card costs $99.00. This equates to a savings of $30.48 per year. I didn’t even have to pay tax on the Amazon gift card.
  • But the matter does not stop here. I also used my Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card to get 5% cashback on gift card purchases. So $99.00 – $4.95 = $94.05.

$126.24 (Spotify Premium Monthly) – $94.05 (12-month gift card) = a Total savings of $32.19 per year!

Note: You can do this on an account for which you are already paying, it will only extend the subscription to your account. This does not work on Spotify Family or Student plans.

I’ve done the following trick for a few years now and it always works great.

Phase 1

Head to Amazon and buy a Spotify Premium 12-Month Gift Card. This is a physical card that is mailed to you with a code on the back. According to the Amazon FAQ, this also works for Spotify accounts outside the US. It took about 5 days for my card to arrive in the mail.

Spotify Premium 12 Month Gift Card from Amazon

Phase 2

Log in to your Spotify account and go to “Redeem.” Enter your Premium Code and Postal Code.

Redeem Your Spotify Code
Redeem Your Spotify Code

step 3

You will then see a confirmation. Click “Redeem Code”.

spotify redeem code
spotify redeem code

Necessary: Be sure to type 0 (zero) and O (letter O) correctly, otherwise you may get an invalid error. Try swapping the characters around. They don’t do a good job of distinguishing between them on the card.

Then 12 months are added to your Spotify subscription.

Spotify Premium Purchase
Spotify Premium Purchase

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For you heavy Spotify Premium users out there, hopefully, this little tip will help you save some money! I only wish I got it sooner, as Spotify was paying monthly for years.

Buy Spotify Gift Cards

Let us know in the comments below if it was helpful.

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