Saturday, May 21st, 2022

Indian women will get their own unique name space on Web3. technology news

New Delhi: This International Women’s Day at 00:00, the first virtual real estate for women will go live. Except this digital real estate has DNS built into it. For those of you wondering what “DNS” is, assume it is the building block of the Internet. DNS is what allows ‘names’ to be used on the Internet instead of IP addresses.

The current DNS is built on top level domains (TLDs) such as .com, .org and .in etc. on which users purchase domain names. These names are then used to indicate the hosted content.

Users use these names through a browser to access this hosted content. This complete package of hosted content with a name we commonly call ‘website’, eg: google/facebook. Users then register for a username that is used to login to not only Google/FB but most applications on the Internet. Google/FB usernames serve as the universal online identity for most users.

However, the current Internet or Web2 as we know it is being replaced by web3. Unlike Web2, your User ID on Web3 is yours and controlled by you. Which means that unlike the current namespace which is relevant only to entrepreneurs, the namespace on Web3 is relevant to every Internet user.

On Women’s Day, Agamin will be launching an Indian woman specific TLD which will include an Indian flag emoji followed by a female emoji. These are the standard emoji on every smartphone and computer.

Since these are programmable names, their use cases are limited only by the human imagination.

However, some immediate ways in which you can use your smart names are:-

1- Your unique name for your avatar in the metaverse.
2- Your chat ID for Web3 applications
3- This can be your unique wallet address like your phone number is for UPI.
4- A domain name for your website.
5- This will be your universal login to all apps in web3.
6- Your default DeFi address.
7- It is an investment in the form of a non-renewable asset and can be collateralized.
8- Vanity email id.

Speaking about their launch, Raju Gupta, Head of Product said. “As something that is relevant to everyone, it is essential that the namespace works for everyone. This TLD supports names in English, all local languages ​​of India and even emoji ensuring that it is completely inclusive.

In addition to registration of names, Agamin also plans to create a secondary market where users can buy and sell their smart names, thus creating value for holders of smart names.

Users can easily access Web3 sites universally through Opera browser, Beacon browser for iOS and Puma browser for Android. On desktop/laptop you can also install a free open source resolver called Fingertip to access web3 through all browsers on your system. Web3 is set to disrupt the Internet in ways we cannot currently imagine. It helps us to be at the forefront of the future as a nation.