Saturday, May 21st, 2022

Jeremy Keith resigns from AMP advisory committee • WPShout

As an AMP hater, I’m so glad to see this Sarah Gooding title on The Tavern.

Here is his very candid and very interesting resignation post:

I can’t continue to advise on the AMP project for the OpenJS Foundation once it has become clear to me that AMP is a Google product, with only a subset of pieces that can also be considered open source.

If I had remained on the advisory committee, my sense of displeasure about this situation would inevitably have influenced my behavior. So it’s best for all if I just get away instead of going straight into sabotage. it’s not you it’s me.

I’m linking (with the “main” link below) to Sarah’s story (rather than Keith’s post) because she puts it all in a context I wasn’t aware of. I loved his closing sentences:

In the end, this may not be enough to convince critics that AMP isn’t just a Google product with a fancy affiliation designed to make it more attractive to opponents. So far, the project’s new home at the OpenJS Foundation has done little to bolster public opinion in the face of allegations that recognize AMP as a key role in Google’s anti-competitive practices.

Sarah Gooding

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