Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

Meet Hummingbird Pro, the ideal solution for website speed

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When it comes to websites, there is utility to a quality user/visitor, and often usability goes with speed. Dealing with the speed problem is not an easy task, however, Hummingbird Pro from WPMU Dev allows users to build websites faster.

Today, we are looking at the role of Hummingbird in terms of website speed and performance.

Website speed is an important feature that cannot be compromised. To be honest, no one likes a slow website. So, if you have a tool to increase your website speed, would it not be wise to give such a tool a chance?

Hummingbird Pro has unique features that enable it to improve website performance and speed. The tool has an automatic reporting feature as well as the ability to fine-tune Google PageSpeed ​​thanks to its comprehensive WP speed optimization suite.

Hummingbird Pro prides itself on its ability to optimize sites by increasing loading speeds. With Hummingbird, site lag due to file compression, performance monitoring, asset optimization and more is significantly reduced.

Hummingbird Pro Features

Hummingbird Pro is packed with a lot of exceptional features that will enable users to utilize the opportunities of Google PageSpeed ​​while getting high quality website optimization. Let’s have a look at some of these features


The Hummingbird Pro Dashboard holds the information needed for any customization. It comes with a nice interface that is accessible to technical and non-tech-based users. The dashboard shows the latest speed tests and scores. In addition, users can also view the main options available in the plugin.

The Hummingbird Dashboard also provides a good insight into the customization already done and the primary parts of the plugin. This enables testing multiple times. It allows users to measure the latest optimization relative to the previous optimizations done.

Significantly, the Hummingbird dashboard presents the status of browser caching and page cache. What’s more, it enables database cleanup that removes unused parts for the database. There’s a lot to say about the Hummingbird Pro Dashboard. Not to mention that users can configure uptime monitors, thus generating more reports on performance testing and cleaning.

performance test window

The Performance Test window displays real-time scores on the site. This enables testing multiple times. It allows users to measure the latest optimization relative to the previous optimizations done. All of these are fully automated, and you don’t need to do any of the tasks manually.

performance Report

It scans the entire site and provides recommendations on the best possible ways to boost performance. Users can receive regular information by enabling labeled email reporting.

full cash suit

Improve load times by taking advantage of caching suites. Contains RSS, Browser, 3. Are includedthird Party integration with Op-Cache.

gzip compression

With a click of a button, users can compress JavaScript, HTML and CSS files using Gzip compression. Compressed files are inherently smaller in size, and this translates into quick bread times as well. You can compress your files before moving them to the browser

uptime monitoring

Server response is checked regularly. Users receive notifications when there is a disruption in the speed of the site.

Hummingbird Pro CDN

Users can reduce the server load due to the availability of unlimited CDN which serves files from different locations of the world.

asset optimization

One of the highlights of Hummingbird Pro is that it is suitable for both technical and non-technical users. It allows users to combine, compress and transfer files to increase page speed without any prior coding experience.

The Asset Customization window enables users to customize the various ways in which assets can be accessed and managed. In addition, users can compress each CSS as they wish. With Hummingbird Pro, users can turn on customization of each CSS file individually. This eliminates the need to worry about exclusions and even filenames.

Smush Pro Integration

Seamless integration with Smush Pro. It helps in customizing the images added to the site with the click of a button.

Utility Hummingbird Pro

One of the distinguishing features of Hummingbird Pro is its usability. A walk through dashboard shows a lot of consistency, especially when it comes to different aspects of the equipment. The flair of the content on the dashboard is well distributed. What’s more, the presence of a consistent interface makes it easy for both technical and non-technical users.

Hummingbird Pro is an amazing plugin that does a tremendous job of boosting the performance and speed of a site. Hummingbird Pro Tasks does a formidable job of caching pages, optimizing and compressing. Its features make it a balanced tool for administrators and webmasters.


If you need a complete caching system for WP, with standout features, great usability, and high performance, Hummingbird Pro is an all-in-one solution that allows the integration of multiple caching tools. Hummingbird Pro does an incredible job on its own without relying on other plugins. In addition to unlimited CDN, users can enjoy high speed and performance on their sites. Hummingbird Pro is the optimal solution for WordPress optimization. The plugin takes a comprehensive look at your site and finds many ways to make it faster. Hummingbird Pro is reinforced with essential features such as asset optimization, file compression, performance monitoring and more. Try Hummingbird Pro today.

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