Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

New Price for Genesis DevKit and a New Site!

The Genesis DevKit plugin is fast becoming the new flagship point-n-click DEV tool for the Genesis Theme Framework. With notable new features and a growing list of premium DevKit themes, it has started increasing its shared site space on And although it will remain here in terms of sales and support, the primary marketing focus will be redirected to a new location,

New Genesis DevKit Pricing

The addition of the new site is a pricing change. Genesis DevKit will now cost $99/year and $299 for a lifetime license. This price increase is due to the fact that my primary focus has shifted more and more to DevKit in terms of development and resources. These prices are now inline with Dynamic Website Builder and I believe this plugin packs the same value as Dynamic, if not a little more.

Checkout Cobalt Apps on YouTube

I’m adding a lot of resources to the Cobalt Apps YouTube channel that you might find useful. For example here’s a Genesis DevKit playlist and here’s my latest screencast title: Which Cobalt Apps DEV Tools do I use?

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