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WordPress is open source software, maintained by a global network of contributors. There are many examples of how WordPress has changed people’s lives for the better. In this monthly series, we share some amazing stories.

To coincide with International Translation Day and the final day of the 2021 WordPress translation festival, we present the story of a WordPresser who has made a huge impact on the Polyglot team.

Meeting the WordPress Community, Beyond Software

For Yordan Soares of South America, finding WordPress also meant finding friends, community, and opportunities. He didn’t expect to find an entire global movement behind web development software.

Yoordan, who is from Venezuela, South America, said: “The first time I used WordPress, I had no idea what was going on behind or next to the software. I knew there was someone doing all this work, but I can’t even remotely imagine all the people who were making WordPress not only a tool for developing websites, but an entire movement that shared the world. Comes together to do, create and help. Better.”

turn your hobby into your job

Initially, Jordan earned his income from computer technical support and setting up networks for small and medium-sized businesses. Back in 2005, web development and code-writing was just a hobby. That’s when he discovered the concept of CSS and how it can make everything dynamic. This opened a new career path for him.

In 2010, the introduction of WordPress through a friend opened up a future he hadn’t even imagined. He stopped using any other content management system (CMS) and wanted to find out how much more he could do with the platform.

Three years later in 2013, he was able to further his WordPress journey by starting a small advertising agency with some of his friends. During this time, he produced commercials for local radio and TV stations. Through WordPress, they found it easy to build more than 15 websites for businesses in a market that previously didn’t value the importance of an online presence.

He said: “We worked for almost four years until the end of 2017, until the economic crisis in Venezuela became very acute, and when we stopped making profits, we decided to close the agency. Taking stock of that period, I think we have changed the way merchants look at internet business in the city.”

working full time as a freelancer

After a year in 2018, Yordan began freelancing full-time as a web developer. His first clients were mainly agencies and friends who had moved to other countries. Later, he expanded into the freelance marketplace.

At that time, starting out as a freelancer in Venezuela was quite a daunting task. The first hurdle was obtaining a reasonable level of reimbursement. Additionally, the worsening situation in the country with frequent blackouts and internet connection failures complicates matters.

At the time, Yordan was living in Guarenas, where the situation was relatively better. He was able to get a reasonably uninterrupted power supply with sufficient internet speed, which was enough to complete his projects.

meeting the wordpress community

“Certainly if I hadn’t met the community, I would have continued to work on my own, like a lone wolf, doing the usual job of solving problems for occasional clients and paying their bills,” he said. .

While in Guarenas, Yordan began to experience stability in his career and made new friends and contacts. He began looking for co-working spaces or technology communities nearby, and that’s when he met the WordPress community in Caracas.

They quickly signed up for the first one-on-one event. As the program ended, he went to talk to the co-organizer and offered his help. He was inspired to help design promotional pieces, manage social networks, and organize events.

Through such events, he met and connected with many people living in the surrounding cities.

A few months later, along with other WordPress users in the area, the idea emerged to start a new Guaranas-Guatire meetup group. The idea became a reality by December 2019, when he applied to the WordPress community team.

After getting the final approval, the team started scheduling the activities. WordPress Guarenas-Guatire Meetup was officially recognized!

During the first quarter of 2020, just before the pandemic, Yordan and his colleagues held five face-to-face events. With the worldwide lockdown, in-person community engagement came to a halt. However, the Guarénas-Guatire community was eager to continue the meeting.

To keep the community active and motivated, and with the support of sponsors, they began to organize online events under a format called “wordpress a la medianoche” (WordPress at midnight).

The format of these events was inspired by Alexis Arnal, who suggested meeting at midnight to make the most of Internet speeds, which would usually improve somewhat after that time!

At the time of writing, Yordan and team have held 16 WordPress a la medianoche events, with 50 people attending per online gathering. An impressive audience that enabled a comparatively short meeting to keep communication flowing in a difficult and unprecedented time.

One of the positives of such events is the opportunity to invite people from other countries and run sessions in partnership with others. One example was a special translation program with Javier Esteban, a member of the Spanish translation team. The meetup also invited contributors from Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru and Colombia who were happy to participate.

strengthened by community

Yoordan speaking at the WordPress Translation Day 2020 events (pictured at bottom left)

Yordan believes he would have continued to work on his own if he hadn’t met the WordPress community.

He added: “Luckily, this was not the case and I have been able to live a lot of transformative experiences that have shown me the meaning of the words ‘community’ and ‘volunteerism’.”

Yordan felt empowered by the community and this led him to volunteer in a number of other roles and activities, including locale manager for Spanish Venezuela, a moderator for, and forums helping people with technical issues. Involved as a supporting contributor. He has also developed free plugins for the official WordPress directory and has spoken at community events including WordCamp Spain 2020.

It’s all a boomerang effect, Yorden explains. These experiences helped him grow personally and professionally, as it is always beneficial to know that you have helped improve the WordPress ecosystem.

They love being able to help people directly when they need it and feel that it is a two-way learning process.

“At first, when I told my family and friends about the community and the work I was doing, they would ask me ‘What do you get in return?’ Maybe they expected me to tell them a specific amount, but the answer is more complicated, ”he said.

“It’s rewarding to know that you’ve helped improve the WordPress ecosystem, the tool you use to get things done and put food on the table.”

During his travels, Jordan has met many wonderful people with similar interests and values, and best of all, many of these people are now his friends, business partners or clients.

At the same time, they have learned new skills and gained experience, which has given them a significant confidence boost to face difficult situations in life.

As part of the WordPress Translation Day 2021 celebrations, Yordan was nominated for his contribution to the work of the Polyglot team that translates WordPress. The full enrollment list and stories will be published on the WordPress Translation Day website in October and November. Check out the final events for International Translation Day.


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