Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

Post Status Excerpt (No. 23) — Farewell to Andrea — but not the classic editor • Post Status

Corey and David discuss the departure of Andrea Middleton, the persistence of the classic editor, Frontity’s acquisition, and Jonathan Wold joining Post Status.

New employee to post position and an acquisition for Automattic.#

In this episode, David and Corey talk about the most recent news from all corners of the WordPress community. First, they share how they’ll miss andrea middleton — who is taking a great new opportunity reddit After 10 years of full time work on WordPress open source project. Next, they talk about why keep classic editor What officially supported plugins make sense, and how frontity acquired by self drive can be seen as an acquisition to advance gutenbergDevelopment of.

This episode also includes: Welcome Corey and David Jonathan Wold Post position for the team.

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