Saturday, May 21st, 2022

Post Status Excerpt (No. 25) — Doing “The Right Thing” and MailChimp Acquisition Thoughts • Post Status

David and Corey discuss how hard it is to do the “right thing” and deal with the difficult, negative feedback that results.

In this episode of the Post Status excerpt, David and Corey first discuss how hard it is to do the “right thing” and deal with potentially difficult and negative feedback as a result. How does an entrepreneur prepare for “roller coaster” times – especially if the ride is going down? What should you pay attention to? Corey shares iThemes Experience in React.

This episode also includes: Corey and David Talk About a $12 Billion Acquisition MailChimp By Simple, and how it could potentially reshape the business landscape for WordPress users and entrepreneurs.

pay attention: David mispronounced and said “Stripe” instead of “Square”. forgive him.

per week post status excerpt Will keep you up to date with important WordPress news – in about 15 minutes or less! Learn what’s new in WordPress in a flash. I

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