Saturday, May 21st, 2022

Post Status Excerpt (No. 37) – WordPress Community in Africa • Post Status

Mary Job talks with David about WordPress, the African WordPress community, and the challenges they face.

In this episode of Post Status excerpt, David interacts with the special guest Mary Job, Mary is a remote, “nomadic” worker in Africa who travels from city to city. she is an engineer Paid Membership Pro But African also spends a lot of time growing and stimulating the WordPress community. Mary has helped start WP Africa, a site dedicated to the community of WordPress users on the continent. She talks about the challenges they face, compares WordPress presence Google in Africa, and looking forward to the day when one might wordcamp africa,

as well: Mary shares how she got involved in WordPress, and how much she appreciates the giving nature of the WordPress community. David must figure out how to get Mary’s invitation for Matt.

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