Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

Rebooting WPDeals Part One: Changing Things.

We all have a lightbulb moment.

Hey there, this is the first in a series of posts charting my reboot It is here that I will share my progress, a diary of sorts, with you, in the absence of a better word.

Hopefully, this will give you some understanding of website building; Remember, when it comes to WordPress I am not a coder/developer, just a power user.

So don’t expect any fancy developer tutorials, you dig in?

First things first: why

if you read my second postYou’ll know I let slide, it’s on me, no one else, on me.

Things considered, WPDeals has legs and was running great guns; Time away from the site made me think more. What can I do to reboot it, improve it, make it a place for WordPress users?

i asked around

I started by talking to the developers, the common thread with almost all of them was marketing. Not every developer can market their plugin or theme; In fact, some don’t know how.

They make something wonderful; Then, it fades into obscurity.

It wasn’t just marketing that was an issue

Some of the developers I’ve contacted don’t offer deals, and the general consensus was that they don’t like to offer deals, because they get posted all over the web and indexed in the SERPs.

From a business standpoint, I understand that frustration. However, that’s not great as a consumer, especially when you search for discounts and find older codes.

This, in turn, can deter people from buying the product, leading to lost sales.

So thinking about things logically, what could I do to ease those concerns, help developers, and of course go some way to consumers?

then it hit me

Giving deal newsletters is one thing; what else can I do? I tried to get my mind along the way, then like an anvil, it descended.

What if there was a way to do both, offer deals, and protect developers from exploitation in search engines?

It is that moment; It just clicked.

I was going about things the wrong way; Certainly, deals newsletters are a great way to connect with consumers and highlight a product.

What I wanted, and what I should have kept, was a Membership System.

There I said; You don’t know how nice it felt to say that.

a membership site? explain yourself ben

I’ll still run deals in a newsletter, because I know some people don’t want to be a member; I understand that’s why I will continue to drive one.

By creating a members-only section, developers can go to town with their offers; They can deliver mouth-watering offers without the fear of being indexed through Google and other search engines.

Consumers win by saving more, and developers win by converting more.

two bites of cherry

Developers will be able to offer two discounts, one for the standard deals newsletter that goes out and another for members, a unique offering that can see sales go through the roof (here’s hoping!).

my work is over

A lot of that is true, but damn, if it’s not fun, in my next post, I’ll cover some of the tools I’ve been using and why. I’ll be as open and honest as I can, and hopefully you can learn a trick or two!

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until next time, Take care of yourself

written by beno

Having worked with WordPress for over ten years, I guess you could say that I am a little savvy with it. That said, I’m still learning just like you. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter if you want more reviews, news, tutorials.

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