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Retainful – An Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugin You Need To Check Out

Abandoned carts are a nightmare for every online store owner. After the hard work of marketing their products and bringing customers to their site, someone finally decides to take action, puts a product in their cart and… nothing, they just walk away. There are many reasons customers leave their carts, from unexpected shipping costs and website crashes to confusing checkout procedures, security concerns, and even simple distractions that drive them away from your site. That’s where abandoned cart emails come into play.

Today, we’re going to take a look at Retainful – an online app that lets you create, customize, and send automated cart recovery emails to track abandoned carts as well as remind your customers of those products. in which they were interested and to persuade them to return to their stores and finalize their purchases.

Connecting Retainful to Your WordPress Website

Retained is more than just a WordPress app. It is a powerful and free app that can be integrated with WooCommerce or Shopify. So to start using it, you first need to connect your site to the retainful platform.

Fortunately, the connection process is extremely simple. Once you have installed the Retainful plugin from the WordPress repository, you need to create an existing account or log in to Retainable’s site. Then, you will be greeted with the following screen:

Once you have selected your platform (WooCommerce in our case), you will be asked to provide the URL of your online store.

When you click the “Create” button, you will receive an App ID and a secret key. You then need to navigate back to your WordPress site, find the “Retainful” option in your admin sidebar, and input both keys in the specified fields.

And that’s all there is to it. You have successfully connected your WordPress online store to Retainful. Simple, isn’t it?

The retained dashboard

One thing I need to mention before I dive into the dashboard: When you create your account, you also get a nice welcome email with a link explaining how to connect your store to Retainful, omitted How to get started sending cart emails, as well as many tips on best practices regarding abandoned cart campaigns. It’s a nice touch that very few apps offer, so I thought it would be worth noting.

Now, back to business.

The retained dashboard is quite intuitive. Right from the start, you have a simple overview of the number of vehicles abandoned and recovered (as well as the revenue from both). You also see all recoverable carts (ie abandoned carts that have an email address associated with them that you can send recovery emails to) and next order coupon statistics.

Using the left sidebar, you can set up your email campaigns, check out a separate overview of your abandoned cart and next order coupon analytics, and integrate the app with email service providers such as Mailchimp, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, and can manage with others.

Creating email campaigns is a painless process with Retainful. You can easily set up entire email sequences that will remind customers multiple times of the products they left in their carts, and you can completely customize each individual email to perfectly fit your business needs .

The email customization tool uses a drag-and-drop interface that lets you design every aspect of each email to perfection. You can view the email response and send test mail from the app itself to make sure everything looks fine before you activate your automated campaigns.

The “Settings” section of the dashboard lets you configure a number of practical options, such as adding social media links that will be applied to social media icons if you want to add them to your email (which you should), and setting a time limit by which After you consider an abandoned car.

Retained’s Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans Retained offers are highly flexible. There’s even a free plan that lets you track up to 300 contacts and use all the basic functions of the app. But if you decide you’re ready to go premium, Retainful’s prices range from $7 to $123 per month, depending on the number of contacts you plan to track with the app, As well as live chat support and dedicated onboard experts depending on your needs. With the cheapest plan ($7 per month) you can track up to 2000 contacts, which should be more than enough if you’re in the early stages of growing your online business.

So, is retainful worth checking out? Definitely! If you are running an online WordPress store, you should at least try out the free plan and see if it helps you redeem any abandoned carts. And given that 60-70% of shoppers leave their carts at check out, the chances of you benefiting from at least one segment of those customers are very high.

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