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Shining a Spotlight on Podcasts – News

As we near the end of 2021, it is interesting to note that there are currently over two million podcasts and over 48 million podcast episodes. Those numbers are incredible in themselves, but when you consider that just 4 years ago, there were “only” over half a million podcasts, the increase is astonishing. Those numbers might make you think that the podcast market is saturated, but it certainly isn’t.

The growth of available podcasts is driven by an increase in interest. More and more people are joining the event as they explore the vast podcast topics available to them.

Despite the number of podcasts airing today, there is still plenty of room for newcomers to the market. Just as there are many websites for every imaginable interest, even the tiniest of places have room for podcasts.

To prove the point, we’ll highlight some of our favorite podcasts hosted here on What? Didn’t know that you can host podcasts on Well, pull up a chair and look at it. You might just get a new fav podcast of your own, and even better, you might even get some inspiration for creating your own podcast! let’s go!

A podcast for every interest

Obviously, we can’t list millions down here, but we can show some range across a broad spectrum of interest. Here are 7 that caught our attention here at

love to sew

If you absolutely can relate to the title of this podcast, you should tune in. The hosts of Love to Sew, Helen and Caroline are active members of the sewing community. They understand the need to connect and bring that understanding to each episode. In his words…

,Our episodes include sewing technical advice, inspiring storytelling, delving into the emotions surrounding sewing and creation, and tons of words of encouragement.,

Purple Rock Survivor Podcast

Billed as “the smartest, funniest, dumbest and best survivor podcast on the Internet,” this podcast focuses on discussions of the hit television show “Survivor.” The hosts, John and Andy, along with frequent guest hosts, debate the antics of the latest Survivor episode each week. As do all great armchair quarterbacks, they use their 20-20 vision to dissect players, alliances, and various decisions that led to the latest player dropping out of the show. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll feel at home listening to this podcast.

Premier View Tipperary GAA Podcast

The perfect example of targeting a seriously narrow niche, this podcast brilliantly focuses on topics most people don’t know about. These disciplines include Tipperary GAA, club and county, hurling, Gaelic football, ladies football and camogie. If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard of hurling, and you can probably guess what Gaelic and ladies football is all about, but in most parts of the world, you might know nothing about GAA . Club and County, or Camogee. I think it’s fair to say, though, that people who know what those games are are probably thrilled to learn that there’s a podcast out there that caters to them. For the rest of us, let’s simplify it and call it “various games that are local to a specific Irish region”. If you’re into these sports, or just curious, get yourself into a comfy chair and listen.

The New Home Owner Podcast

Targeting a specific group of people, new homeowners, this podcast offers tips and advice about the entire new home building process – from signing the contract to adding the final finishing touches. This is a great example of how a brick-and-mortar business can share its expertise with visitors, while potentially gaining new customers. When people receive valuable information from a business, they naturally trust that business a little more than before. Building trust is a great way to convert visitors into customers.

sneaker history

Did you know that there is a passionate sneaker community out there? Sneakers have a history and have become a part of pop culture. The goal of this podcast is “Make a positive impact on the sneaker community, culture, and business of sneakers by telling stories of people who make this passion entertainingEpisodes are gated, which means you have to be a paying member to access them, but if you’re a sneakerhead, that won’t stop you. And if you’re just interested in starting your own podcast , then your ears will be curious to know that podcasts can be monetized this way. Well, right?

travel kids

No, this podcast doesn’t focus on kids at all. It is a thrilling look at the experiences of two sisters traveling the world. You’ll learn all things travel from their expert, including tips and tricks to make your worldwide jaunts more enjoyable. ,Each week they talk about important travel topics to help you decide when, where and how to explore the world in style.,

Kyla Marie Charles MomChat Monday

If you were amazed that the Travel Babies podcast wasn’t about babies, never fear, MomChat Monday has you covered. His own description says it best. ,A live #MomChatMonday hosted by Kayla Marie Charles and Amy Eilers of the House of Eilers brought together moms of all types to chat on contentious topics ranging from motherhood. No shame, no judgement, just talking with mom friends and figuring it all out as we go- just like moms do!,

Of course, these 7 podcasts are just a smattering of cool Audible content available on So tell us, have you ever thought about hosting your own podcast? If so, we have tons of tips and advice to help you succeed. You can start with some of the posts we shared on this topic, including:

We have shown how diverse podcasts can be, but it is much more than just topic diversity that sets podcasts apart. If you’re considering starting a podcast, there are a few other aspects to consider.

Types of podcasts (make it yours)

Whatever the topic, there are many ways to format or organize your podcast. Some themes lend themselves more closely to one another in one way or another, but many topics are open to multiple presentation formats. Consider the following formats to determine which one might work best for you and your subject.

  • Interview – Some podcasts are primarily focused around interviewing famous people or subject matter experts.
  • negotiating – In industries where change is frequent, podcasters often choose a roundtable or conversational format. This style provides a group of hosts, who often know each other well, a chance to chat about trending news or perhaps even industry gossip.
  • monologue Subject matter experts often use this format to inform or teach the audience about various aspects of a specific topic.
  • storytelling or dramatization – Instead of conversations, these are podcast performances. Storytelling formats usually consist of a host reading chapters or episodes of the story, which are accompanied by commentary. True crime stories fit this model well. A theatrical format podcast is usually a full blown production with multiple voices/actors. These are like plays without scenes.

Of course, some podcasts may be a mix of the above formats from episode to episode, but the most successful will probably stay very close to one format. This consistency gives your audience a familiar space. Let’s say someone enjoyed the storytelling format in one episode. In that case, they would expect to experience more in future episodes.

Podcaster Personality Styles (Be Yourself)

Once you figure out the theme and genre of a podcast, there’s another important element – YOU! Great content, told in an interesting format, is lovely, but in the end, it’s your personality that people really want to connect with. Don’t let it worry you. If you weren’t the most popular kid in the class, that didn’t stop you from connecting with an audience with your personality brand. Let’s take a quick look at some examples.

We’ve seen that some themes work better with certain formats than others, and the same can be true of personalities. A monologue podcast focused on teaching the finer details of investing might not work as well with a goofy personality type. Then again, that odd combination could actually be a huge winner. Who knows? But for most podcasts, matching the topic with the appropriate format and personality type makes the most sense.

Some specific personality types include:

  • Serious
  • informative
  • Casual, Fun, and Goofy
  • Humor

The casual, fun kind work well for entertaining subjects. For example, serious types match well with a true crime story, and informative, no-nonsense types click with commercial or educational themes. You know your subject and your personality best. Find that sweet spot that makes sense to you, and that others will likely love as well.

So let’s put these all together. Follow our recipe for podcasting success but feel free to throw in your “spice” to really make it your own.

A recipe for podcasting success

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