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SmartScroll Pro Review – Excellent WordPress SEO Plugin

I love being in the SEO world! It’s challenging and thrilling! Also, I would say that SEO is the key to success online!

wait for a moment! Don’t think I am going to write SEO tips and tricks in this article! Instead, I’m going to introduce a new tool for optimizing your site for search engines!

Which device is this? Is it free or paid? Does it offer impressive features? These questions may run through your mind.

Before I reveal the name and its great properties to improve the SEO performance of your site, let me emphasize to you a few things for your site SEO.

Simple, Best and Evergreen SEO Tips

1. Focus on User Experience Through Elegant Design

2. Improve Site Loading Speed ​​To Get The Love From Search Spider

3. Never Compromise on the Quality of the Pieces of Content You Write

4. Keep an eye on your site’s security and backup

5. Lastly, Build High Quality Links to Gain Power

Here, I have written a detailed article on improving your organic ranking, hope it helps!

Without further ado, it is time to reveal the name of the tool and its amazing properties.

This is Smartcrawl from WPMU Dev!

As I am an SEO enthusiast, I always like to use interesting tools to drive targeted traffic by increasing the Google ranking of my keywords.

While surfing for an excellent source, I grab this great tool to increase my online presence.

What the heck does this give for your site? How will it enrich your search engine optimization? let’s watch!

Meet Smartcrawl – Simple SEO Plugin for WordPress


By managing the corner and corner of your SEO, Smartcrawler allows you to create the best performance for your WordPress site. It has a few features to help you get ahead of your competitors in organic search results.

At the time of writing this Smartcrawler review, this SEO master tool has crossed 700 thousand downloads and over 1 million active installations. Since it can handle things well, you can focus on producing columnar articles for your site or blog.

And one more important thing is that ticket support is available here to address your concerns.

Features of Smartcrawl that mesmerize me

1. Full Site Scan

Smartcrawl Pro can run detailed SEO checkups on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and send reports to the registered email. It also includes Google Lighthouse Audit integration for thorough testing.

You can also check sitemap status and URL issues that are reducing your ranking ability. Analyzing your content to improve its readability is one of the standout features of WPMU DEV’s SmartScroll Pro.

2. Report Scheduling

Scheduling SEO checkups is a necessary undertaking for any business site. Without monitoring SEO methodology, it is impossible to get visitors from search engine ranking results. WPMU DUV’s SmartCrawl makes this important task easy and I admire the quality!


3. Auto Linking and 301 Redirect

If you want to link a page or post with a particular keyword, it can easily be done by Smartcrawl Pro. Moreover, you can easily redirect traffic to your updated page through its redirection tool. Both are nice features that support my SEO strategy.

Features of Smartcrawl Pro Version

You do not need to hire a professional team to complete your SEO tasks. If you look at the SmartCrawl Pro’s settings, you’ll find that it’s easy to operate and boost your search presence.


Let’s take a look at these settings one by one!

1. Dashboard

In this dashboard setting of Smartcrawl Pro, you can perform site audit and content analysis, generate sitemaps, save preset configurations, write titles and meta for search engine content presence, optimize social media and manage email notifications, and schedule reports for better SEO results.

In addition, you can use the advanced tools shown below


2. SEO Health

Here, you can run SEO tests and wait for the results.


It is a detailed site health check where it is possible to implement content audit, crawling and indexing audit, mobile response, and manual audit by Lighthouse Structured Data. Stay tuned to get the detailed report below. If you need any help with setup then contact us via comment section.


After monitoring your site’s SEO health, it’s easy to get reports to your inbox by enabling Inbox Schedule Config Options. Besides these SEO health settings, you can switch on trial mode between ‘Lighthouse Audit‘ And ‘smartcrawl checkupFor the desired device – desktop or mobile.


3. Title and Meta

As you know, Title & Meta helps you to customize your homepage title, description and meta options. Here you will also find search engine indexing controls.

4. Schema

The schema feature allows the search engines to understand your site better. Here, basic and advanced schema markup are available, through which you can fine-tune everything your site is convincing to search spiders. Out of all, it is possible to activate the “Test Schema Button” in the WordPress admin bar.

5. Social and Sitemaps

Gaining a Social Presence Boosts Your SEO Performance! Smartcrawl Pro allows you to include metadata in your pages and so they will look great when shared on social networks. Similarly, you can use detailed sitemap settings to send updates to Google and other search engines. Don’t forget to include the image item with the sitemap.

6. Other Settings

As shown in the screenshot below, SmartScroll Pro offers other impressive settings for search engine optimization!

Smartcrawl-Pro Settings

Smartcrawl Pricing

WPMU DEV’s Smartcrawler has three different pricing plans; Both yearly and monthly plans are available!

Not only different plans, but it also offers licenses for only 1 site, 10 sites, and unlimited sites.

Smartcrawl-Pro Pricing

I suggest you go with its free trial for 7 days and then take the annual plan to save some $. When you go with an annual plan, you only need to spend $5/month to use this WordPress plugin.

Conclusion – Is it worth using this tool for SEO?

Recently, I read an article on Search Engine Journal about Google CTR, and there it is mentioned that more than 25% of people click on the top result of Google result. And another article shows that 92% of searchers go to the first page of Google.

It is the dream of every web entrepreneur to get their articles ranked in the higher positions of the search engines and hence they can get massive leads and sales. Even I want to get more subscriber and blog audience. This drives me to find the best SEO handler to manage everything on the go.

SmartCrawler is a great SEO tool to accomplish my SEO related tasks and that’s why I admired it a lot. I hope you too will like the features of this great search engine optimization resource to automate SEO monitoring and rank higher on Google search results.

It’s a tool worth buying to boost your web authority! Start a 7 day free trial now! If you need any help installing the plugin, don’t hesitate to contact us via the comments section. I clear your doubts and remove your troubles.

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