Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

Spider-Man No Way Home: Did You See These ‘Invisible’ VFX in Tom Holland’s Marvel Film?

Spider-Man No Way Home. Kelly Port, Visual Effects Supervisor Spider-Man: No Way Home, A new video shared by Vanity Fair made some interesting revelations about the film. He elaborated on the ‘invisible effects’ in the film and said that only about 80 shots in the film had no visual effects. In fact, he showed the door to Doctor Strange’s sanctum, and explained that the leaves, trees, and building facades around it were all created digitally.

“It doesn’t sound like a visual effect, but it absolutely is. The set was made in Atlanta, and we just had the door and the stairs. We had to extend all the special areas, and this is a common practice, which we call set extension.” “All cars and trees are CG,” he said.

(Photo: Vanity Fair/YouTube)

Even the pedestrians were made through CG, and some extras were shot on a blue screen. In fact, the scene in which Flash Thompson (Tony Revolori) is talking to Peter Parker on the phone was actually framed from different shots, as the party was shot the other day and the actor was not available. “It had to be shot on a different day, so it was an invisible effect. It looks like a normal shot, but it’s not.”


While he filmed several aerial shots for the scene in which Spidey seeks out Harvard’s patriarch in New York City, he had to replace the tower that was under renovation, and build a new CG Tower. “When we shot aerials, it didn’t look like anything, so we had to move the tower, not only did we have to move it – it was under renovation and under scaffolding, so we didn’t move the scaffolding, so We did a mix and match of digital, this is one of those hybrid plates,” Port said.

(Photo: Vanity Fair/YouTube)

The port also featured de-aging effects used on both Alfred Molina and Willem Defoe, who starred in the original Spider-Man trilogy. “For Alfred Molina and Willem Defoe, we did de-aging, because they were coming from a different and older timeline.” They also featured action sequences between Doc Oke (Molina) and Spider-Man (Tom Holland), and how the behind-the-scenes footage differed from what was actually shown on screen.

During an intense action sequence, Doc Ok chases Spider-Man through heavy traffic and picks up the pipe, hitting him on the car. He showed the original blue screen, and said, “Tom will do a lot of his own stunts, and do his own flips and jump on trampolines, and things like that. The camera team really had to be as accurate as possible.

(Photo: YouTube)

Spider-Man: No Way Home is the third single in the new Spider-Man series, opposite Tom Holland. Directed by Jon Watts, the film also stars Zendaya, and is wonderfully performed by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.