Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

Tatsu Page Builder for WordPress Review –

Tatsu Page Builder may not be a popular pick among the established WordPress page builders out there, but it can certainly bring some new concepts and designs to your pages.

In this Tatsu review I am going to show you this page builder and what can be done with it.

Tata Builder Features and Price

Tatsu It is a front-end page builder similar to Elementor in terms of UI. Right after installing the plugin, you’ll see an “Edit with Tatsu” option on every page.

This will load the page with the Tatsu options panel on the left.

Tatsu is packed with 50+ modules and some really cool pre-built sections that can be applied to your page with just one click.

Tatsu Page Builder 2 for WordPress Review

If you’re inexperienced with web design, this is a good base for using pre-made templates.

What is the price of Tata?

Tatsu is a premium plugin with no free version. it starts $49/year. From for a single site.

But you can also get Tatsu page builder for free with subjects- exponent And Ocean, which are built entirely on Tatsu.

Tatsu Page Builder Pros and Cons

One of the most noticeable things is the quality of the plugin and its speed. Tatsu is really light and fast.

I also like how easy the options panel is to work with. You can drag-and-drop modules, set margins and paddings, without being a web design guru.

With Tatsu everything is fast, visual and newbie friendly.

NS major opposition Additional modules by third-party contributors are lacking.

Also, I get lost in section/column editing from time to time, without any way to switch between views or go back to the tree view, so I have to save and close the page and revisit it to see it. is forced to open from the desired view.

It’s a good thing the page builder has an actual live demo and you can try to build some stuff and see how it goes here:

Try Tatsu Builder Demo

ground level

It’s nice to see new, innovative products in such a competitive space. Sure Tatsu page builder can’t compete with the big names in the market, but it can certainly attract and push inexperienced users.

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