Saturday, May 21st, 2022

Using Blank Templates to Create a Sidebar for a Single Post

One of the more interesting templates that comes with most – if not all – block themes is the blank template. This gives website builders a lot of flexibility in creating a template from scratch to suit their content and layout objectives.

Using post blocks such as post title, post content, featured image, post author, and others, it is possible to create a template that pulls existing content from your database to create any type of page.

In this video I use the blank template to create a special single post template that is used when I want a traditional right sidebar layout for some of my blog posts.

Here I have used the Blockbase theme developed by Automattic, but any Block theme that has a blank template will suffice.

Before WordPress 5.9 was released in January 2022, none of this would have been possible without knowing PHP and knowing how to create a template file.

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