Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

We did this. – pagely

Fifteen years ago our company built and launched a website builder based on WordPress v1.x that allowed anyone to quickly launch a site with primary managed services such as automatic backups and upgrades. With only a few dozen paying customers and not knowing what we had – it was in limbo for a year or two.

Twelve years ago when we introduced (domain hacks were cool) to the world, our company created what is now known as Managed WordPress. Managed WordPress has now become a multi-billion dollar channel and Pagely is the recognized leader in that.

Today Pagely serves hundreds of billions of monthly requests from the most mission critical websites owned by the world’s largest and most recognizable brands. When your site surpasses every other hosting provider, or when your business really matters, you become a Pagely customer.

Scale, durability and legendary support are our calling cards. After a total business of 18.5 years, we are proud to announce that we are moving towards the next
Stage of our journey: We have agreed to sell the company to GoDaddy.

“But wait, Strebel are you serious? Well done daddy!? What?”

Crazy, I know. And…

If you know Sally and me, you already know why we did this. tl:dr; To help more people. If you don’t know us, nice to meet you, and I’ll tell you about it briefly.

We built a successful company that didn’t compromise that employees and customers came first.

This has allowed us to focus exclusively on the needs of those stakeholders. Never compete on price, only on quality of service. Our efforts are to build a strong and performing hosting platform and industry leading NPS and CES scores.

Legendary Support

Pagely has built a reputation for providing exemplary customer service that is the envy of other hosting providers. Our customers have responded by giving us industry leading gifts 80 NPS Score And 96 CES Score,
,90 day score,

We did it our way, and it worked.

It worked out so well that GoDaddy, one of the biggest internet brands in the world, wants us – to help them – to be more like us. They have put their cards, and cash, on the table and are finally serious about serving a wider segment of the market with superior quality products and top class service; Help more people to be successful.

Sally would like to add: “Our beloved conference, Pressnomics, may look a little different going forward, and as always will remain a pageally hosted event with the same mission: to elevate and connect business owners in the WordPress ecosystem. I already have a topic for the next one. stay tuned.”

So what are our mission goals?

  1. We will work closely with the amazing team of WooCommerce experts from SkyVerge (a previous GoDaddy acquisition) on the GoDaddy Commerce team to deploy a world-class WooCommerce SaaS aimed at PowerSellers. If you want all that neat corporate PR goodness go here – otherwise all I have to say is, we’re getting in hot.
  2. Double down on everything you know and love about Pagely. Sally and I would not have done this deal without the confidence that Pagely will not only continue, but will greatly expand, to exist as the enterprise hosting leader in the WordPress ecosystem.

Back to our story…

We did it our way. We put our employees and customers first, and in many of our early years as founders our part came last.

This strategic M&A transaction has not only created new millionaires named Josh and Sally. It has also set many others up for major long-term financial success. Not one of them was an “investor”.

We proved to ourselves that we can win the game by sticking to a simple set of values ​​expressed as “business is personal”.

I can’t say it will be business as usual as we move forward from here. Why would this happen? I hope we can do more of the things our customers love, and less of the things their customers don’t.

This partnership with GoDaddy was made keeping in mind the needs of our customers and you all have a primary virtual seat at the bargaining table. We will continue to provide world-class products and support for which you have consistently rewarded us and this is a key feature of this deal that GoDaddy will continue to support.

As with all plans, there may be some roadblocks along the way as we execute them, however, as you navigate them together, you will always receive transparency and fairness from us. The Pagely team and product suite are going nowhere, and each will continue to be backed by the core values ​​and drive to service excellence on which we have stood since our inception.

Sally and I have always been and will be so incredibly grateful to be able to work in the service of our team. Your focus on excellence over all these years and the joy and ease with which you all together have made this dent in the universe – to be part of this team, has indeed been one of the great honors of our lives. . Thank you.

The stated mission of our new partners is to support and serve the current and next generation of entrepreneurs and business owners. It suits us to a large extent.

Starting today, we begin working together to make this happen.

Let us go. fucking. Go.


Joshua Strebel
— Co-founder and former CEO of Pagely, Inc.

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