Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

What is Article Rewriter Plugin and will it help you rank higher? –

Articles Rewriter or Text Spinner are plugins that are promoted to boost your search engine rankings.

All you have to do is copy an already published article and the plugin will replace the words with synonyms to make the text unique. The name is pretty self-explanatory.

This Autopilot Method Saves Time, But It Doesn’t Do Much More Than Leave You Machine-written text, which has no meaning to humans.

Is this method safe and will it really work?

simple answer is No.

If this sounds like a quick way to rank your page on the first page of Google, then I have to crush your hopes. Not only will you not rank better, but you won’t be able to rank as well.

Let’s see how auto spinner plugins work and what is the end result.

Those plugins use the spinning services API such as,, ChimpRewriter, and more. Some plugins also provide a text check to let you know the percentage of uniqueness of your article.

But don’t let yourself be fooled. Google and its bots go far beyond the rewriters of these simple articles. You will fill your website with crap robot text and sooner or later it will be noted by Google.

Now even more so because the Google Pages experience update was rolled out recently.

If autoblogging was a thing, everything you read on the first page of Google would be a messy, funny article. And do you see any of these in the top results? No.

Article Rewriting Plugins Cons:

  • bad user experience
  • low price protest
  • Your articles are still not unique
  • Can infringement reduce copyright
  • This is against Google’s content guidelines

Google put it more clearly:

If you are hosting such content on your site, prevent it from showing up in search.

What are the most popular article rewriter plugins?

You can find both free and premium plugins. A simple “rewrite articles” search on CodeCanyon will show you some of the most used plugins.

There are also some free options

  • WP Content Pilot
  • Free Online Article Rewriter

to name a few.

Will My Site Rank Higher Using an Article Rewriter Plugin?

If you try it on a new domain with no backlinks and no content, you will hardly drive any traffic with only article spinner plugins.

You may get some hits from time to time on less competitive keywords, but at the end of the day, you need some backlinks, social shares. And generally people point to your website.

This is less likely for robot-generated articles that have strange word choices and more likely to be zero-formatted.

Text spinner tools will fill your blog with low-quality content that will take you nowhere.

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