Saturday, May 21st, 2022

WordPress Market Share Data and Statistics

There are many reasons for the popularity of WordPress.

1. Control

This is a big one and it is not always something that people feel like giving up when they use trendy website builders. At least not until it’s too late.

With WordPress, you control as much or as much as you want.

Design. code. Properties. Technology. SEO. WordPress is an open source platform that enables users to create their own websites without any restrictions.

Heck, even the self-hosted model gives WordPress users more control. By choosing the right web hosting plan, users can ensure that their websites are well optimized for performance, security, uptime and resource usage.

Of course, with more control comes the tradeoff of more to manage your site.

But that’s okay because companies like WP Buffs can help. Whether your agency needs help customizing clients’ sites or editing content, we have your support.

2. Flexibility

If you look back at the CMS market share list, you will see that many of these platforms are for specific purposes.

For example, Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, and PrestaShop are all ecommerce CMSs.

Of course, Blogger is just for blogging.

And you could argue that platforms like Wix and Weebly are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.

However, WordPress can be used to build any type of website, big or small, with any number of features you need.

You also have flexibility in how you design a site – from scratch, using pre-designed themes or templates, or allowing one of the drag-and-drop builders Elementor or Beaver Builder your help.

Created a blank page with the Elementor plugin for WordPress

What’s more, WordPress integrates with almost any software you can imagine, so it’s able to bring much needed automation, control, and accuracy to companies that need it.

3. Adaptability

It is not only the WordPress development team that is responsible for ensuring that the platform remains on top of the needs of consumers. although in progress Gutenberg Editor Certainly there is evidence of their ability to do so.

Because WordPress is an open source software, plugin developers are always contributing new and exciting solutions to the CMS.

Plugins page on site

Which means new and highly verified plugins are being added all the time to the 58,000+ plugins that enable WordPress websites to always be ahead of the curve in terms of trends.

4. Community

WordPress’s longstanding dominance of the CMS market share is a huge win for its users. Because, as WordPress grows, so does the community around it.

While has a dedicated forum, it is the feedback, support and contributions from its community that make a huge difference in the lives of its users. And this is something that no other CMS can claim.

For example,’s aggregation of free plugins and themes is well supported by the developers as well as users of these tools:

Reviews and support page for WordPress Jetpack plugin

It’s really no surprise because of the strong information and feedback WordPress users get here when you install a plugin or theme.

You also have a lot of companies that sell WordPress products and services. If you can’t find what you’re looking for from, you can get it from marketplaces like’s, independent developers such as WPMU Dev, or WordPress agencies like DevriX.

And don’t forget about the massive amount of blogs, vlogs and podcasts that regularly produce content exclusively about WordPress.

For example, Christie Chirinos, which has been a major player in the WordPress content space for years, is launching A New Podcast on All Things Open Source and WordPress:

Kristi Chirinos' new podcast on WordPress and open source software

So, whatever you want to learn about WordPress, someone has created a source for it on the web.

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