Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

WP Courses Helps Launch Creators into the New Year! – News

WP Courses Helps Launch Creators into the New Year!

As we approach the new year, we want to encourage our team, our friends and our customers to look back and celebrate everything we were able to achieve. While this year has had its challenges, we keep building, connecting and growing.

We started the WP course about a year ago with our “Blogging for Beginners” course. With our team enthusiastic about the course, our team was eager to connect with and help more creators, so we quickly followed up with “Podcasting for Beginners.” With these courses, we have been able to connect with a wide range of creators who cover anything and everything from dementia to folk music. What has been more exciting and rewarding for our team is helping them grow. Engaged members in our course communities have been able to grow their audience, expand their content, and even monetize their site – getting paid to do what they love!

It’s fair to say that we’re used to helping creators grow and we don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. We were thrilled to see over 13,000 learners signed up for our free blogging course when we launched it just last month, and you can count on us to keep that momentum going through 2022!

as a way to help You Build some momentum of your own, we are selling starting today and running until 1/8/2022. You can use promo code “time2launch” To take 25% off on your purchase at checkout.

  • Connect with a community of peers and learn from their experiences, solicit feedback, and build lasting relationships.
  • Join regular workshops and office hours with our experts to help them learn new skills without stopping or working.
  • Access to tons of content to help you work on everything from initial set up to growing your audience.
  • Quarterly Meetings, Special Offers, and more!

Stop waiting and start growing now!

Everything you need to launch and grow your idea in 2022. Simply use “Time 2 Launch” for 25% off at checkout.

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