Wednesday, May 18th, 2022

WP Landing Kit is joining the theme family of products!

I’m happy to announce that we have acquired WP Landing Kit, a popular plugin that lets you map domain names to different WordPress pages on your site.

WP Landing Kit was created by Jason Schuler and Phil Kurth in early 2020 with the goal of solving a very unique issue in the WordPress space. Before WP Landing Kit, there was no solution for users to launch small mini-sites on WordPress without using WordPress Multisite.

What’s wrong with WordPress Multisite? – You will ask. nothing really. But that’s too much if you just want to add a unique domain name to a small website project – like a landing page. Hosting a WordPress multisite is often too expensive and too complex for simple WordPress projects and other types of mini sites.

We believe that WP Landing Kit can be a great addition to the Themisl family of products, and that together with Neve (our flagship theme) and Otter (our package of Gutenberg blocks and templates), it will create a Solid DIY Solutions for Managing Landing Pages on WordPress.

What does this mean for WP Landing Kit users?

You will only benefit from this merger if you are already a WP Landing Kit user.

First, you can continue using WP Landing Kit as normal. And we will honor all existing lifetime licenses.

In addition, you will also receive an email from us offering a sweet deal for Neve and Neve Pro to bring you into the theme ecosystem. We hope to show you why our products are a good match for your WP Landing Kit experience.

Lastly, we look forward to continuing to invest in the development of WP Landing Kit and carry on the great work of Jason and Phil; And at a much faster pace than before.

What does this mean for Themeisle users?

Most importantly, there are deals coming your way too! Log in to the Themeisle Dashboard and see what awaits you.

I firmly believe that this acquisition will further strengthen our position on the WordPress landscape and allow us to add another iteration towards making Neve much more than just a theme.

We want our products to be available to everyone and anyone who wants to do their business online. We have gone through a lot to make these products a DIY solution for users and also a great tool for agencies to speed up their workflow.

For WordPress and beyond!

ionot negu
founder of themesale

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